First Impressions

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Well most of the dancing for day 1 is over.  Not to worry, I’m doing fine.  Having Kid T here just gives this event a whole new and much more pleasant vibe.

Last night was the big expensive party in the swanky location.  Let’s just say it was near the top of a very tall building in a very large city that is not on either coast.  Dinner was nothing to write home about and, to be honest, the view didn’t make up for the cost.  The live band was also nothing really special and the “floor” was about the size of a large area rug.  Still, it was kind of fun to take a step near the windows and then veer away.  The floor size made it impossible to really do much more than basics so I spent most of my time working on weaving through the floor and dodging other dancers – a skill that would prove useful today.  Was it fun?  Yes, I had a good time.

The solo was the first thing we did and it wasn’t great as we got tangled up once and too near the edge of the floor at another spot.  (Funny thing is that one of the videographers came up to me later in the day to tell me that she thought it was beautiful.  To each his own)  As I came back up to the room to change, the demons came out to play.  All of the “you don’t belong here” stuff started playing in my head.  But when I got back to the ballroom and Kid T and I did some light warm ups, my confidence returned.  Or at least I got to the point where I said “yes, I belong here and I’m going to dance so just shut up and watch.”

There were times when the smooth heats turned into bumper cars.  Told you all that floorcraft from the night before came in handy.  There was another couple that ran into us in two different dances.  But I was in a zone where nothing really rattled me so it was just take the bump and move on.  No major glitches or screw up and there were a couple of cases when we walked off the floor and I catch an instructor eyeing us and they’d say “nice job” or some such thing.  Perhaps more importantly is that I felt good about everything.

After we finished, Tex kind of sidled up behind me and said that Kid T and I looked good out there – better than he had ever seen.  Probably my new rhythm shirt and its magical powers.

I don’t want to turn this into a bash Z thing but the contrast between her and Kid T was stark.  I know that this is Kid T’s first event and she’s not the social butterfly that Z is but she sat at the table with us the whole time.  We weren’t having a running conversation but it was nice to lean over and have someone to talk to from time to time.  Z just flew in when needed, and then went to see all her friends and actually left the ballroom after she was done with Tex.  Again, I’m sure there is no set rule as to how an instructor should act at one of these events but, if it is truly for the students (as they all claim when you sign up), then shouldn’t she stick around for a bit and just make sure everyone is having a good time.  Maybe not but it was actually nice to have Kid T there.

But today was the easy day since it was the closed routines that I’ve been doing for years.  Tomorrow is open which are going to be a little bit trickier.  Right now, though, I did well in the dances I wanted to do well in (except the solo).  Anything good that happens tomorrow is just a bonus.


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