The Final Countdown

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Snippet of conversation yesterday.  One of Z’s students who went to a Big Dance Event in June (his first) was talking with me about the event this weekend (he’s not going).  Direct question from him – why do you do these?  In my head, I’m thinking, “go check out my blog because I tried to answer that there”.  Now, of course, I would never say that.  But we did have a nice talk about these events and he had some of the same experiences.

Then, Kid T and I were off for another 45-minute sweat session where we did both open and closed rounds.   Z and Tex were on the floor with us but there wasn’t anyone else there which was nice because we could basically control the music since we were doing the same thing.

Now, this may come off as defeatist but I prefer to think of it as realistic.  The truth is that there are a couple of open routines (looking right at you Cha-Cha and Fox Trot) where I’m just not ready.  I don’t have the footwork programmed into my memory and that means I have to stop and think at places and, during a fast song, that puts me behind.  Plus, in both, I’ve got places where I’m supposed to mark time but I tend to forget to shift weight which puts me on the wrong foot.  At the end of the day, I can get through both but they are going to be a sloppy mess.

But, at this point, I’m fine with that.  I realize that it was an ambitious goal to try open routines at this event and I also realize that it was OwnerGuy who put me behind the 8 ball because he was spread so thin that he couldn’t finish the routines in time to give me a chance to truly practice them.  I suppose there could be others in the same boat but this is where I’m just going to put “getting through them” as my goal.  No other expectations than that.  If something goes wrong, just keep dancing and keep smiling.

As luck  (or cruel fate) would have it, somebody I know I Facebook linked to a post called 31 things dance judges want to see.  This is a Famous Franchise blog from the west coast.  Sitting there at #13 is Less Fluff which states that  you don’t get points for things you attempt and can’t execute.  If you can’t do it on Time, on Balance, then shelf it until the next Big Dance Event.

Now this advice would seem to run counter to how OwnerGuy prefers to run his shop.  I’m not the only one who has had to dance choreography that is practically brand new.  I know he’s big on the whole “battle tested” thing and getting on the floor as soon as you can since you’ll never feel ready enough.  And maybe his definition of “execute” is less severe than that expressed in this blog.  Doesn’t really have anything to do with anything except that I found it interesting.

Can’t believe we leave tomorrow.  At this point, it doesn’t feel real.  I’m mentally going through my head to make sure I remember to bring everything.  I’ve got some things to do tomorrow morning as well.  I’d make a list but I’m not really a list person so I’ll be flying around most of the morning.  Will probably have to find a way to walk Rocco since I won’t be going to work and he’ll just naturally assume that means a walk.  The suitcase will freak them out when it appears so I’m holding off on that.

Lastly, a note to any lurkers out there who may be attending the same Big Dance Event.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love you lurkers but I just know the people who normally comment won’t be there so that’s why I’m addressing you).  If you somehow manage to pierce my secret identity and want to make contact, I’m cool with that.  I may be much less interesting in person – just to warn you.  The only ground rule I have is that you can’t mention the blog when I’m surrounded by people – especially those from my Famous Franchise.  Let’s just keep that our little secret.

I am taking my laptop due to the down time and a need to check Fantasy Baseball.  But posting may be light.  Or it may not be.  One never knows.  Don’t worry, at some point, you’ll hear the whole story – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Speaking of ugly, the first thing I get to do is our Viennese Waltz solo at 8:50 AM.  Good thing I’m a morning but, really, Viennese Waltz before 9AM.  Who thinks of these things.

I now realize I said “lastly” two paragraphs ago.  Bursts of nervous energy keeping my mind going, sorry about that.  I do want to thank those of you who have offered support.  I know the people in my studio are pulling for me but it is also nice to feel supported from others who know more of the internal struggles I go through getting ready for one of these events.

And, with that, I will actually sign off for now.



  1. ” … The first thing I get to do is our Viennese Waltz solo at 8:50 AM. Good thing I’m a morning but, really, Viennese Waltz before 9AM. Who thinks of these things.”
    I’d be more than happy to trade you one 4:20AM hair/make-up for an 8:50am dance of your choosing …. ROFLMAO 🙂
    Seriously, wishing you the very best & can’t wait for the recap!

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