Well at least I don’t smell like pig ****

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I hope the title is intriguing.  Trust me, I will get there but I must do it in my own way.  Yesterday was more rounds.  Kid T started me early and we had just finished the waltz when OwnerGuy brought Tex and Mrs. Tex out for their lesson.  He decided we should do rounds together and that we should shrink the floor to simulate what it will be like at the Big Dance Event.  With two of us on the floor, there would be opportunities to react if something unexpected happened.

Which just meant we had to start over with the Waltz but that was cool.  The other thing about rounds is that they tend to play the music a little on the long side to give us time to loop each dance a few times and see how it moves at different parts of the floor.  So we did Waltz, Tango and Fox Trot and then OwnerGuy jumped in because Tex and Mrs Tex don’t do Viennese Waltz as a couple which left me and Kid T.  We still had to maneuver around them because OwnerGuy was working with them to fix what he saw on their other dances.  After the Viennese Waltz, we started the rhythm round even though OwnerGuy wasn’t quite ready but after we finished the Cha-Cha, he wanted to do a round with Tex and Mrs Tex so, again, we started over.

Then we breezed through Cha-Cha, Rumba and Swing before OwnerGuy took them aside to work with them since they don’t do Bolero or Mambo.  So Kid T and I finished those up.  Those were all the closed routines which are very familiar to me so I was happy with how we had done.  We also managed to slip in the open versions of Waltz, Viennese Waltz and Swing.

If you weren’t counting, that was 12 routines in 9 dances done multiple times each with no real breaks.  I would tell you what I looked like but I think you can figure it out.  Right after our lesson was group class and then party.  Being all sweaty and disgusting does not really make me want to join group class and force women to dance with me.

So I was all sweaty and self-conscious about that which really does nothing more than make it worse.  I tried to get out of group class but the other students were having none of it.  I finally said “nobody wants to dance with me”.  And there was a lady there who I’ve danced with a lot who can be a little bold and brash at times and she says “I’m married to a farmer” and then she fakes likes she’s sniffing me and says “No Pig ****”.  (Her husband does come with her but he was running late last night so she was a solo for group) This got a great deal of laughter from the group and actually made me totally relax.  I did bring my little towel and put it in my belt loop so I could continue to wipe my forehead at breaks during group class.

I should have mentioned before that we are experiencing one of those short periods we it feels like someone in Mississippi has turned on a giant fan and blown all the hot, humid air north.  The ceiling fans at the studio were just not moving a lot of air and that didn’t help the situation either.

By the time party rolled around, I was almost feeling human again so I stuck around to dance a little bit more.  OwnerGuy’s student who is doing her first comp came up to me to ask if I was ready.  She’s feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing and isn’t happy with what she’s getting from OwnerGuy.  I didn’t want to scare her but I also didn’t want to give her happy talk so I just said everyone reacts differently but that it can be overwhelming.  I told her she’d be in good shape because OwnerGuy would make sure she got around the floor.

Well I’ve got a double with Kid T tonight which finishes out the week of preparation.  A couple of lessons next week but we leave on Thursday.  At this point, the excitement is running neck and neck with the panic.  That is a strange feeling because I want to get there but I don’t want to get there.



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