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Well not really gone but close enough.  Don’t really have a main topic but feel the need to do something so perhaps a series of random little notes.  Well, maybe some of them won’t be so little.

Yesterday was my day at Studio B.  Mindy actually wrote out each routine which is great.  I tried to do that with one but I couldn’t quite capture all the little nuances.  Still, I have a good mental picture of that one and this will help even more.  She’s offered to video short clips which is the double edged sword because it will help but then I have to look at myself and we all know how I feel about that.

I do have to say that these two things are coming along nicely.  It feels like I forget too much between lessons but Mindy seems to think I’m doing just fine and we do have a significant amount of time left before I’d have to do them for real.   I’ve only seen two other students working on something so I don’t know how many people will be participating in this Showcase.  It might be interesting to have a contrast between a smaller event in studio vs the big production that a Famous Franchise Showcase is.  Which reminds me that I have to listen to two pieces of music and make a pick for the routine.  Like I said before, the problem is that these aren’t my main music choices so there are a lot of songs I like but nothing that jumps up and says “HEY, do your dance to me”.  Plus there is the usual part of me that hates making decisions because who knows when a better song is going to come along.

So I finished Glass Sword and it was disappointing.  I know there is a third book in the series coming out so this one took the typical second book/movie path to leave you with a “cliffhanger” ending.  I hate books that do that.  We all know there is a third book and it will have to continue the main story but I just feel it is a cheap trick to leave something hanging like this.  It just appears to be a way to drum up interest in the third book.  If you can’t make the characters interesting enough to want to read the third book without a cliffhanger, then you haven’t done your job.

Plus, I’ll admit I don’t like the direction it is taking.  I like character growth as much as the next person and I get the whole “power corrupts” theme but I don’t like the fact that the main character is just getting so far away from what I thought her values were.  Luke Skywalker didn’t give in to the Dark Side.  He was tempted but he stayed true.  That’s what makes a hero.  The whole theme of the book is “anyone can betray anyone” so most people are a combination of good and evil which is certainly real but I want characters I can care about and root for.  It hasn’t gone that far yet but it is getting close.

I know, I know, it is just a book.  Is it really worth getting that worked up about?  In the grand scheme of things, no.  But I’ll freely admit that this is escapism for me.  There’s a lot of crap going on out there and I like to read things that take me to a different place.  But I want to finish a book and feel good.  I don’t like getting to the end and feeling hollow and empty and like I’ve been cheated.   Really, the only way to have read a series like this was to wait for all three books to come out and then you could read them without a long gap.  The second book would still be a disappointment but at least you could jump into the third without having to wait.  See, I’m also not going to be one of those who obsesses about what might happen because that’s just not my style.  So, in terms of drumming up interest, this type of ending does nothing for me.  Heck, if I hadn’t already pre-ordered it, I might not even have bothered.  (I pre-ordered before I knew how the second book came out)

Ever have one of those days when you didn’t want to go to work??  There are just certain summer mornings when the breeze is just right and there is a little haze or fog in the morning and I just want to say the hell with it and park myself outside on my deck and watch the birds and butterflies.  Today wasn’t actually a bad day except my boss decided it was time to focus on her job and jumped in to something she had ignored for months and decided it wasn’t right.  She even sent me an email during the meeting to complain about something somebody on my team was presenting.  This is after she had already spoken to him several times and he had tried to incorporate what she wanted.  This is one thing I absolutely hate about work.  You have a meeting with a whole bunch of people where the point is to have open discussion and dialog and people sit quietly but then come around after the meeting to discuss what they didn’t agree with.  Sorry, too late.  You should have gone on record during the meeting.

OK, I wanted to get that off my chest to clear the air before my lesson.  There are times when the people and politics at work just sucks the life out of me which is why I fantasize about just saying “screw it” and not showing up.  I could go all Office Space and do nothing and enjoy it.

I also know that it is crunch time for the next two weeks.  I’m never going to feel ready but I think a lot of the dances are in pretty good shape.  Just need some more repetition to get them down.  The fun starts tonight.

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