The Song Does Not Remain the Same

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OK, today’s post will be mostly about dancing.  I know I’ve strayed into some different things from time to time and I appreciate you still coming back.  This may sound strange but I’ve just tapped into a different part of my mind that I used to ignore and sometimes it takes over my thoughts until I’ve put something down.

Last night was Studio B for a private lesson.  We had picked a song for one of our dances but Mindy changed it to another one that seemed a little slower.  I liked both choices but the second is a little better so that’s a good thing.  I think sometimes she would like to see a bit more out of me to know that I really like the choice.  Two problems with that. First, I may feel deeply but I can usually hide how I feel.  Secondly, the music is good but it isn’t a genre that I’m particularly excited about.  This last one is a song I like but not enough to want to download it.  If I’m in the right mood, I’d listen to it but I’d be more likely to surf other channels to find something a bit more upbeat.  That said, it is a good choice for the dance we are doing.

She’s definitely got a lot of patience for me because I keep hitting these mental blocks where I can’t pull the next thing from my memory banks.  Once she walks me through it, I can find the right file but it is taking awhile to learn this choreography.  She offered to video it which would probably help but I didn’t have my phone last night (I’ll briefly explain why later).  I need to actually try to write down the routines from start to finish and see where the gaps are.  I do think things are coming together although progress is slow.  But there is progress and so I’m fine with a slower path because we have time until we have to do this “for real”.

I did get the lowdown on their fall event when I would be doing these for an audience.  It doesn’t conflict with the Famous Franchise although they are very close together.  But if I’ve worked this hard on them, I’ll want to show them off so I’ll just figure out a way to make it happen.

Briefly on the phone.  I had it in my pants pocket and I was getting my pants out of a locker in the gym on Friday and, somehow, they got turned upside down and the phone fell out and landed screen first on the gym floor.  Cracked the upper corner nicely.   We had insurance so they sent a replacement phone.  Took me several attempts to get all my stuff on to the new phone.  Which all sounds a little silly but I’ve gotten so spoiled by having access to certain things during the day that I “need” my apps. Now, I’m trying to wipe the old phone but I somehow have forgotten the passcode so I’m going through a process to try and reset the phone.  Modern day problems.


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