I Could Have Danced All Night

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Well, actually I couldn’t have because the party didn’t go all night and I’m too old to be staying up all night anyway.

Last night was the party at Studio B.  Hilde showed up after a three week absence.  She came with another guy who I believe she dances with socially at the place she usually attends.  Her instructor works at another dance palace in our city and they have their parties on a different night so I know she’s there more often than at Studio B.   So she skipped the group class to practice with her friend (not sure if they are working on anything in particular – should have asked).

But met up for the first dance of the party which turned out to be a hustle and the night was off.  Since Hilde came with another guy, she had to split her dances more than she normally does which left me open more than usual but I didn’t get to sit out too much.  There is one lady I’m totally comfortable asking to dance but I still have this hesitation about most of the others.  Yeah, I know it is a dance and it is sort of my job to be asking but that’s still a bit of a problem for me.  Did get to do a Viennese Waltz with someone I hadn’t danced with before and that was fun (she asked me though).

Getting back to this one lady who may also need a name at some point, she still gets positively giddy when we dance.  It is a weird sort of thing but weird in a somewhat good way.  I do feed off emotions of others at times so the fact that she’s having so much fun does impact me.  She tells me often how smooth my dancing is which fits with my belief that continuity of motion is one of my strong points.  I can make moves flow from one to the other without a lot of herky-jerky stuff.

There is an event at Studio B some time in the fall.  I believe this is what I’m working towards and this lady is also doing a dance at that same event.  She seemed happy that I was doing something as well so I may be committed to this.  The only problem may be that it is close to the fall Showcase.  I think they are on different days but it could be an issue. Well, I worry about that down the road.

The lady who taught the group class hung around and snagged me for a dance at some point in the evening.  I still get a little intimidated dancing with instructors because it can feel like a test and I’m afraid to screw something else.  I know this is dumb because they are instructors and they dance with men at all levels.  And, it was a party and so it was for fun and nothing else.  But we made it through a very slow Rumba with no major screw ups so that’s a good thing.

Also got to dance with Mindy a few times.  Again, she had to ask me for the same reasons described above.  It does take me a long time to feel comfortable in these situations but nothing bad happened which helps.  She danced a Waltz and it was big and showy kind of like Z used to do. Must be a professional thing that is hard to turn off.  But I sensed some real joy both in dancing with her and watching her dance with others.  She did seem to be really having a good time.  The thing about Z is that it never felt like she wanted to dance at parties – she was good at giving off that “leave me alone” vibe.  Now that we have more female instructors at the Famous Franchise, she often leaves before party or stays in the office to do work.  Anyway, that is a bit of a digression but it is what I’ve noticed.  So maybe Mindy does just like to dance and it doesn’t matter if I mess something up.  That would certainly make it easier to ask her more often.  Food for thought.

Bottom line is the party was a lot of fun.  So I ended the week with parties at both studios and a lot of social dancing and the reminder that dancing can and should be fun.  I did have a session with TrainerGal on Friday as well so I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a little sore today.  The body is not as young as I would like to think.  A little rest tomorrow will be in order.


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