Vienna Calling

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We continued working on our Viennese Waltz routine last night.  I got the next part of the routine which is different.  We end up side by side with her on my left.  I move to roll her in but then I grab her shoulder and we start a run around except that I roll her back out while I’m still moving backward.  Then, I grab her arm above the wrist and run back three steps and then I send her back in front of me.

It is a challenge because my brain isn’t yet working fast enough to make the transition.  I do the roll in and I sort of wait when I need to make my 4th step big and around her to start the whole rotation because she wants a lot of rotation – it is almost a 360 by the time I get done.  I was giving her my concerned face and she asked about it thinking that maybe I didn’t like the step.  This was my “I think this is a cool step but I don’t think I can make it look cool” face.  Not sure why she couldn’t tell the difference 🙂  But I did decide to enlighten her on my thought process and then she just gave me the whole “you can do this” stuff.  For some reason, I did actually believe it last night.  Not going to try and figure out why because it made the lesson much more productive.

I’m still a bit freaked out about doing it in just over a month and debuting the thing at the Big Dance Event.  But I’m actually getting excited about where this routine can go.  We are up and down and all over the floor so it is going to move.  I certainly think it is going to draw some attention.  Oh and Kid T is down with my costume choice so I’ll have to order that shirt now.  I’m kind of pumped about that as well.  Maybe I didn’t play dress up enough as a kid.

The only problem I had last night was that Z was working with the other instructors and they were play acting the part of someone taking a couple on their first lesson.  It was all so Cosmo and the new girl could memorize the script and say it without sounding like they were reading from a script.  And we were the only couples on the floor and they kept invading our space.  I would understand it if they were actually teaching a real lesson but this was just them doing some play acting.   Kind of felt like I should have been the priority and they should have avoided me.  Minor irritation.

That followed a group class taught by Z which was Bolero and a bit of a disaster.  She was a bit distracted and was a little fuzzy on the step so she had to keep stopping to figure out the various parts.  We actually got done and then she realized she had taught a part wrong and had to do it again.  At the end of the class, she was talking with the other group and told them how badly she messed up and then started asking us if the lesson was bad.  The two guys she teaches said it was fine but then she point blank asks me.  Figuring she wanted to hear it was bad, that’s what I said.  I said it nicely but if she asks, what else could I do.

Unrelated follow up item.  I managed to hit the 100 miles in the fitness challenge at work.  I’ve had to seriously dial back the treadmill because of my knees but I still managed to make it.  There are people who are way ahead of me but I don’t care.  I was aiming for this goal and I made it.  That’s all that matters.

Oh and the title of this post was a little random.  Sometimes my default position when I can’t think of anything clever is to use a song title with some small connection.  We did Viennese Waltz so I naturally flashed to Vienna Calling by Falco.  Really bad 80’s synth pop and not a song on my IPod.  I’ll spare you the video but its out there if you want to search for it.

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