Shapes and Arms

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So I haven’t quite hit the comfort zone at Studio B and with Mindy.  Things are getting better but I still get that little hit of nerves when I pull into the parking lot.  Am I really doing this?  Am I going to be able to get this?  Am I going to screw up royally?  Do I remember anything from the last lesson?  Is she going to be upset when I don’t remember anything?  And many more things just rattle around in my head.

Last night, we were also the only ones in the studio.  I don’t know why that makes it more awkward but it kind of does.  You would think it would be easier because we’ve got the whole place and don’t have to worry about anyone else or trying to do a dance to the wrong music.  Maybe I just need a bit of a buffer.  Oh, and she’s super nice and doing everything to make me more comfortable so that’s not the problem.  I’m not getting any sort of bad vibe either.  It is just going to take me a little more time.

She asked me what kind of music I liked.  That’s a simple question and when you are working on a routine, you do need to pick out a song to dance it to so it is important.  But that’s kind of like asking me what my favorite dance is.  My tastes in music are wide and varied.  Just to give you a brief example, go to song titles J and K in my IPod and you find songs by the Greg Kihn Band, Van Halen, The Time, Lady GaGa, Avril Lavigne and Lita Ford.  My fall back position is anything with a good beat but then there are some slow ballads I’m in to as well.  So how to pick?  Also, and this is going to sound a little weird, but music is kind of special and private to me and it can be hard to share.  It is one thing if someone comes in and hears something on my Pandora because I only pick a genre not the songs.  (Yes, I know I just revealed several songs here but this is a sort of anonymous forum and there is no visible judging by you)  Yes, I’m probably very special in that I can seriously over think what is really just a simple, innocent question.

I think there is also something of trying to establish a connection which is a good thing.  But it is just my nature to be a little secretive until I know you better.  Ok, I’m a little secretive with people I know well.  I’m a lot secretive with people I don’t know as well.  Its a work in progress.

There is definitely a different style than the Famous Franchise.  At the Famous Franchise, they seem to drill footwork first and they’ll leave arm styling and shaping until much later.  And guys really don’t get that much except to not have “dead arms”.  Mindy is working me on choreography, foot work, timing, arm styling and shaping.  It can be a lot to take in.  This is where not being a good visual learner sucks.  I see what she’s doing but there are so many moving parts that I can’t take it all in and I can’t replicate it very well.  I have to stumble around awkwardly until my body figures out what it is supposed to do and then it becomes easier to practice.

But it is work and I could tell my brain was getting a little fried towards the end.  She’s doing great in adding piece by piece to what we are doing.  But I’ve got a little social amalgamation and a performance routine in two dances so that is sometimes a lot.  I’m not complaining because I always walk out feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot.  The problem is as I was trying to write down what we did, I just couldn’t pull parts of it out of my memory.  I do look at my notes from time to time but it is the process of writing it down that really helps me because I can visualize the step while I’m recording it.  Then, I can add little notes to each step to remember certain key points like keeping my arm in a certain position.  That tends to work best for me until it gets locked into my muscle memory.

It is slow progress but I think the focus on arms and shapes is going to help because just getting used to actually doing it will make it feel less awkward and maybe a little more automatic.  At least that is my hope.

Well the next three nights are for the Famous Franchise.  This will be my first lesson with Kid T since I agreed to do the Big Dance Event.  Think she is going to try and finish the Viennese Waltz routine.

I’ll have to talk with Kid T about costume ideas.  I’ve not seen Maleficent but I was looking at various images to get ideas.  If we want to set a more dark tone, then I could try to mimic Diaval.  I did find this which is kind of close.  Not sure I could dance in it but it seems kind of cool to me.  I’ll see what she thinks.


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