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I have a Linked In account.  I don’t use it for much of anything except to keep track of people I knew from work but not really well enough to friend on Facebook.  Why should I care?  Curiosity.  It’s interesting to see where people end up and I really don’t have to invest a lot into the account.  Yeah, I failed networking.

Well, it is set up to push things to me on the phone because I don’t check it often enough so it is the only way I know if someone has sent me a request.  I see the thing light up the other day and it tells me someone has viewed my profile.  The name was vaguely familiar but the photo wasn’t good enough for me to figure out who this was.  So I clicked on the profile and it turns out to be a barista who often works the early morning shift when I show up for my coffee.

It isn’t as strange as it seems.  Like a lot of people, our company has card key readers at every door to keep unauthorized people from accessing the building.  And our company logo is proudly displayed on the badge so it wouldn’t have been too hard for to get my name and place of work with a couple of glances.  The company is big and relatively well known and certainly connected to the sciences.  Her profile showed she has a degree in something related so I’m guessing she just wanted to know what I did there maybe to find out if there were any openings.

I don’t know if she knows that I know she viewed my profile.  I’m curious as to what happens the next time she’s working when I come in.  But I hope it won’t amount to anything because I kind of hate being put in that situation.  I suppose everyone assumes it is better to have someone on the inside and that can be true.  But its a big place and if she wants to get into a specific department that I don’t interact with, then I’m not going to be much use.  Guess when you use these social media sites, you just never really know what can happen.

I’ll end with a unrelated but sort of related thing that happened this morning at Starbucks.  I was the first one there and the newspapers were still outside the door.  I brought them in because it was the thing to do.  The barista working this morning was new and didn’t know I was a regular there and the other person on the crew was in the back doing whatever they do in the back when the store first opens.  Well, she’s talking to me and I realize that she thinks I’m the paper delivery guy.  I didn’t want to embarrass her and she wasn’t asking me directly, so I just figured I’d get my coffee and be on my way.  But then she asks how early I had to get up to delivery the papers and I had to let her know that I wasn’t really the paper delivery guy.  She made a nice recovery though.  I suppose it wasn’t that far fetched.  I don’t have a suit and tie so my attire is more light business casual since I always wear my tennis shoes.  The man may pay me but he doesn’t own me. But it was kind of interesting way to start a Monday.



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