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A couple of short takes on the last few days.  Well, I do tend to ramble so short is a relative thing.

Had my second lesson with new teacher last night.  I’m in a creative naming rut so I’ll keep with new teacher for awhile.  She may have sensed my Victorian ways because instead of having to wrap around her, now I can just grab her arm.  In time, we can work up to something else but it was more comfortable for me as there was no chance of accidental inappropriate contact.  I hit a wall with timing on some of the music and started a bit of a panic because the more I focus on timing, the less successful I am.  Fortunately, it didn’t detract too much from what we were doing.  I’ve got something to practice so I may sneak that in tonight at the Famous Franchise.  They probably won’t notice the difference.

Worked with TrainerGal again today.  I made it clear right from the start that there would be NO knee bending things today.  I think TrainerGuy had already spoken with her because she was already on that page.  There’s plenty of other stuff to work on without adding to my knee issues.  Now, if I can stand up to her, I can stand up to Sunny and Kid T.

Yes, the left knee is still painful and swollen at times.  I had my physical therapy session today and there was improved range of motion in my right but not in the left.  I didn’t lose anything but it has been slow to respond.

I want to talk about this place where I’ve been going.  The last time I needed some therapy, I went to a place associated with a nearby hospital.  I’m assume things are the same everywhere – you have a large hospital that spawns a little village of things around it with various doctors and such that are affiliated with the place.  Kind of one stop shopping for medical care.  Well, this place was spotless and efficient and large with nice equipment.  But the guy I worked with was kind of impersonal and things felt a little cold to me.

Since I have options under my plan, I picked another place that was still close to work but not part of the hospital system.  It is a chain of locations which I found a little strange.  I guess everything is becoming a franchise these days.  Well, they are a little more low rent than the other place.  There’s a quirkiness about the place that is, for some reason, appealing to me.  There is a question of the week (today’s was the first concert you attended and the year) so they are clearly trying for some kind of personal touch.  The first day, she ran me through what she wanted me to do.  The second time, I waited until I was called back.  Then, I discovered people didn’t do that here.  Once the lady at the front arrive, the place was open, so you signed in and just got started whether your therapist was there or not.  They always want you to do 8 minutes or so of light exercise to warm up, so I just show and get on the bike.  There’s another guy who comes in at the same time I do and he just heads to his station to start.  Its pretty much self-directed.  They watch to make sure you aren’t doing something wrong but you basically just work through what they’ve got for you.   The best part is the physical manipulation of the knees.  I actually checked and massage therapy can help with arthritis pain and this really does.

So what else happened?  I had an interesting exchange with one of my team members on Friday.  She knows her stuff but she’s so full of self doubt and I’ve been pushing her out of her comfort zone.  (Irony alert – yes, I know that this is a complete role reversal but that’s how my life is)  She finally came to me on Friday and had basically been trying to memorize everything about a certain study so she could do a presentation on Monday but the more she tried, the more she became convinced she didn’t know anything and the more scared she got.  And then she was worried about letting me down and that people would think worse of me because she didn’t know her stuff.  We talked a lot and I explained again why I was doing this which was mostly because I know she can do this but I needed her to know that she can do it.  I gave her the option to bail if it becomes too stressful but I hope she doesn’t take it.  I sent some motivational posters her way on Monday about trusting herself.  The bad thing is I was probably smiling a little bit during our talk because I kept thinking that she was me at dance lessons with all the angst and doubt and concern about screwing up.   Of course, the bigger point that I need to take is that if I can be calm and reassuring with her, then I should be that way with myself but that is so much harder.

Last little thing.  I got an early birthday present from work daughter #1 on Friday.  She’s way early but wasn’t sure how well the postal service was going to work from overseas.  I really wasn’t expecting anything so it was a very pleasant surprise.

Well, that’s all the stuff that was happening.  Back to dance for the next three days.  This will be the first lesson after Showstoppers so I’m anxious to see what we start working on.

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