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Hello Villagers,

From time to time, I like to go out on WordPress and see what’s out there.  That’s where I saw “A Step In Quarter Time” and one of the first posts I read was her wondering when she could be called a dancer.  After reading a couple of additional posts, I asked if she would object to me mentioning her blog in a post in case none of you had found it already.  She agreed, so I’ve included the link so you all can stop by and say HI or lurk in the background as you choose.


Oh, and because I’m terrible at introductions, I decided to just copy her “About” post figuring her words were better than mine.  One thing to point out (and she discussed it with me) is that she, like some of us, prefers to remain anonymous and wishes to protect the privacy of the people she mentions.

My name is “Luna” and I’ve been a ballroom student since the summer of 2015, in both group classes and private lessons. My goals are to continuously improve at what I love, and to be the kind of social dancer others want to dance with. This will be the world of social ballroom and ballroom lessons from the perspective of the beginner, who thinks she knows more than she does, but really has a very long way to go.

My favorite dances to learn are the tangos and the waltzes, but bachata holds a fun place in my heart. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m very good at them, but I try.

All names mentioned in this blog will be changed to protect of the privacy of me, my teachers, and my dancemates. When I decided to write this blog, it was completely of my own accord, and I would never want to do anything that would hurt or embarrass them.

I welcome the thoughts and opinions of anyone within or simply curious about the dance world. I’m still learning, and everything I write can only reflect what I know in the moment. I look forward to every chance I have to learn more, as well as sparking a curiosity in others to do the same.




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