Cracks in the Ice

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So back to the Famous Franchise last night.  No questions about where I was yesterday.  Worked with Kid T on the Viennese Waltz routine for Showstoppers and our open Cha-Cha.  What went right?  Well, I managed to do the Cha-Cha beginning to end.  Normally, I would apply caveats to that but maybe I should just stop doing that and accept what went well.

I’m going to try and describe this routine which might prevent a bit of a language barrier since the Famous Franchise chooses to call everything by different names.  Well, here goes:

We start out apart and do two basics.  At the end of the second, we connect in a double hand hold.  I walk around her and then bounce her off so she’s on my right side.  Then, I turn her and change hands and she cha-cha’s away from me with her arm behind her back.  On the rock step, I bring her back and we end up in shadow position with her slightly in front of me.  Then, there are a series of syncopated steps 2-and-3-and-4-and-1.  We are in place so it is just foot movements but the key is to match each other.  Then, we back rock and go into an open box which changes our direction again.  This is all done in shadow as we are apart so, again, we need to match each other.  I end up with my left arm extended in front of her and I do this telemark type thing where I do four steps and basically go completely around her ending up in frame.  Then, there are two swivels for her that I lead by walking backwards.  Then, I bounce her off me and we end up side by side with her on my right again.  Then, there’s  a free spin for her while I mark time but change direction so the next move goes down a different line.  We end that with me rocking back while she keeps going forward to create momentum for me to cha-cha back and kind of whip her around.  Then, there is a break where we go in opposite directions and her left hand connects to mine in an open hold.  That allows me to spin her back and pick her up for a cha-cha into a crossover.  The crossover ends with more funky timing where I end up pointing my right foot and then moving on it.  We hold and then we each turn 180 degrees to change direction again.  We are apart at this point.  The spin is on 3 and we have to come right out on 4 and 1 to step forward side and back so we end up side by side with her on my left facing the direction we were just coming from.  Then, there is a lock step forward, we face each other and do another cha-cha and then do a weird sort of step where we cross the lead foot but then step back and close.  Then, there are two rounds of cha-cha’s where the footwork is together, together, apart.  These are basically in place so it is marking time but doing something.  It ends with my giving her a turn walking around and reconnecting in a two hand hold as we cha-cha around each other.  OwnerGuy still needs to finish it up and figure out how to loop it but that is the bulk of it.

I did that for a reason.  I finally wrote the whole thing down in my notebook last night and in writing, it struck me just how many moves and timing changes there are in this routine.  So why did I expect to get it perfectly the first time I did it?  And why did I allow myself to feel like a failure when parts didn’t come quickly?  See, that’s the evil of my perfectionism that I fight on a lesson by lesson basis.  I was full of my usual caveats walking off the lesson until I wrote it down.  Then, I said, yeah, I really did accomplish a lot.  That’s a lot of stuff to remember.  Yes, it can and will be improved and polished but its still something to be happy with so I’m choosing that right now.

And, to get back to the title, the summer thaw continues.  It probably helped that there was a new couple talking to Z when I arrived at the studio.  The young lady used to work at the Starbucks I go to right before coming to a lesson and she danced in college.  I talk about my dancing all the time at Starbucks (it is part of my charm, they all love me there).  She remembered me from that and asked Z about me so Z brought me over to talk with them.

She also taught group class which was kind of a difficult step.  There was more banter than normal.  At one point, she even gave me some advice on the side about what I wasn’t doing right.  This was mixed with her usual sarcasm and wise cracks to the group.  But it was the first time she’s actually given me some direction since the break up.

Last note, I guess things didn’t go too well for Tex and the big dance event.  Z was talking about it at group class when he wasn’t there and I only caught part of it.  He came in for his private lesson as I was leaving mine and I asked him if he had fun.  (See, I never ask how you did at one of these things).  He said yes but there was a pause and he added another line.  I felt bad for him.  I think they may have put too much on him and he just couldn’t remember it all.  It happens.  And once things start to go bad, they can go downhill quickly.


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