Testing the Waters

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I didn’t mention this in any of my earlier posts but I finally did what many of you have been telling me to do and that was to take a lesson outside the confines of the Famous Franchise.  Oh, and not a group lesson but an actual private lesson.  See, the new place has a special on a first lesson which was 30 minutes for free and how does one turn down free?

It was weird at first.   I’m putting on my shoes asking “Am I really doing this?”  But, by then it was too late to back out.  I had visions of OwnerGuy and Z breaking down the door and tossing a bag over my head and dragging me out of the studio.

Decided to work on a dance I don’t do at the Famous Franchise to avoid confusion with the terminology.  We got a lot done in the short time.  I think some of the steps were similar to ones I’ve done in other dances so they just came kind of quickly.  Yeah, maybe I am a natural dancer after all.

The price break isn’t as big as I might have thought but you don’t have to lock into a long term commitment which is nice.  We’ve set up a lesson for next week and then I’ll decide how many more to commit to.

But the important thing is now I have to come up with a better name for the studio and something to call this person.  There are complications that I’ll keep mysterious for now.  So I might have to be more vague than you’d like.

Now, if I had been smart, I would have done this before re-enlisting at the Famous Franchise.  Still, even if it isn’t a replacement, I think there is much to be gained by working with someone else.

At least this first lesson was a lot of fun and I think her style meshes pretty well with me so it will be interesting to see how this pans out over time.


  1. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing myself. Keep us posted how it works out. I’m not sure how to connect both teaching styles and terminology

  2. Finally! Over the WALL to freedom! Good for you! I took the leap some time ago. I’ve found that while “bigamy” has its challenges, it’s worth it. One small step…

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