Help a Aspiring Ballroom Blogger Out

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Short note to the ladies of the village.  I came across this blog because she followed mine and she is a young lady just starting in the world of ballroom.  (I give her real credit for not running away as fast as she can after reading some of what I’ve posted :))

Her last post was about ballroom and having just switched studios and instructors, she was looking for advice on how to practice.  I tried to help but my practice habits aren’t the best.

But I know many of you are much more serious than I am and could probably offer some real help.  Since we are a helpful group, I figured I’d just plug her blog and see if we can get some tips for her.  (I should have asked if it was OK, but I’m taking the chance she won’t have a problem with it)

Hopefully, the linky thing here will work.  If not, you should be able to cut and paste and get to her post.

I’m sure she’ll appreciate any words of wisdom you can provide.



  1. Hi:) Thank you for linking to my blog, and thanks to you and everyone else who has responded! It’s making me feel less weird about stalking all of your blogs:)

    1. Your very welcome. I figured you get some good responses. I think we’ve all found that this is a great forum for talking about dance problems. So feel free to stalk away!

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