Friday Night Follies

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I promise a light and frothy post with a minimum of darkness.  Actually, there may not be any darkness but that’s a hard promise for me to keep so let’s just go with the minimum.

OK, I take it back, it isn’t all going to be totally light and frothy.  I’ve mentioned my arthritis in the right knee.  Well, I guess my left knee was feeling ignored and decided it was time to act up.  I can’t exactly say what the trigger was or when it actually started happening but I know it was painful on Wednesday.  Of course, I’m a guy and the normal guy response is “walk it off” which I actually tried to do by hitting the treadmill both Wednesday and Thursday.  That plus lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I did have to leave the party early last night when I finally decided this wasn’t going to go away on its own.

Fortunately, the practice with my orthodoc has a urgent care clinic for things just like this.  Got some new x-rays just to confirm nothing else was wrong because this time the knee was a bit swollen and hard to bend which is different from before.  But it seemed to just be a random flare up of the arthritis so I got more cortisone in my system and he’s recommended some physical therapy to try and strengthen my leg.  It is feeling better and I can’t wait for the normal steroid side effects.

And I’m being a good boy and staying home tonight to rest and ice it.  That meant I had to tell Hilde that our dance date was off which is the second week in a row I’ve stood her up.  She’s actually busy next Friday so that leaves a tough decision.  If I go to group, I’ll have a lot of catching up to do.  If I don’t go to group, should I go to the party?  Its a tough call.  Part of me really wants to say “screw it” and just go but the logical part is overruling that because a little rest is really the best thing right now.

Since I was given a triple dog dare, I will now focus on the positive.  There was one interesting development with my coaching lesson on Wednesday.  I was having my chat with OwnerGuy and then had to leave to get to the lesson.  As I’m walking out, I see Kid T running to the bathroom (seriously, they need to give the instructors more breaks) and the coach says “that’s fine we’ll just dance tango and warm up.”

Now, let me tell you about my Tango history.  It was not a dance my wife and I did so I didn’t start doing it until I was a solo act.  By then, the other dances were much farther along so I got a speed course in Tango.  I know my routine which is mostly silver stuff and I know a few basic Bronze steps and that’s it.  I don’t dance my routine with anyone else but Kid T.  Plus, I get super intimidated having to dance with another female pro.  So I was having a mini panic attack over what to do.  Since the coach wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer, I decided to go ahead and give the routine a shot.

And, it actually went pretty good.  She followed most everything.  There were things she does differently than Kid T but there were no obvious cases where I was asking her to do something and she ended up doing something completely different.  Kid T finally showed up and asked how I did and the coach said she could follow everything I was leading.  I’m doing my mental happy dance right now just so you know.

Both the Viennese Waltz and the Tango routines hit me with the fear of failure.  It doesn’t help that I see a pro glide through these things and it fixed the idealized version of what it should look like.  Then, I take over and a lot of it is awkward phase 2 stuff as I try to translate the image in my head to an actual dance.  Reality is way harsh at times.

But, and here comes the second positive, by Thursday, we were doing both all the way through with really no awkward pauses.  And they both have serious potential to look really good.  And I was basically doing this on one leg because I’m a man and I was trying to tough it out.  We even did the Viennese Waltz to music a couple of times and it was easier to follow than I thought it would be.

I’ve also decided that I need to be a little more aggressive in asking questions.  There are parts in the dance where I want some advice on what to do with my arms.   I’ve got some things I’m trying out and there are some things that just flow nicely.  I suspect Kid T’s first answer will be to focus on my feet but I’m going to be persistent.

So did I also mention that earlier in the week both Kid T and OwnerGuy came by to see if I was cool with retiring the walk like an Egyptian Quickstep and letting Sunny have a shot at designing one both for Showstoppers and further on.  I’ve told you OwnerGuy was all over how good we looked doing the Quickstep and I did get some nice comments from others.  I actually watched a video of one of our heats my first thought was “meh” but then you know I’m totally not objective when it comes to my own dancing.  I said I was fine with it and she was supposed to come talk with me.  For the next two nights, I could see her lurking in the background glancing over at me from time to time but she never could come right out and say anything.  So, yesterday at party, I was dancing a Rumba with her and said something about how I heard she was going to be taking over the Quickstep.  And she got all excited and wanted to know if I had any ideas for a song.  That means I’ll have to look for one but its on.  Like I wrote a long time ago, I love the Egyptian Quickstep but it really belongs to another and it is time to move on.

Lastly, I just want to thank those of you in the village for your support and comments this week.  Dance problems really only make sense to other dancers and it is nice to be able to share and get feedback.

OK, this is actually the last thing.  And I just have to do it because I’m really loving this song.  When I think of Viennese Waltz, I think old Europe and finery and elegance but it is usually an upbeat kind of dance.  I love the contrast of the slowness of the lyrics and the general dark tone of the song with the Viennese Waltz.  So, I end a little dark but I think you can understand why.




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