Gonna Make You Sweat

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And it was another night with double lessons and another night starting with Quickstep.  The topper was that it was warm and humid (I hit a monsoon on the way home) which overwhelmed the studio’s air conditioning.  Yes, I was again a hot, sweaty mess.  I know I really shouldn’t obsess over this as much as I do.  I mean you wouldn’t expect basketball players to be fresh as flowers after the end of a game, right?  But there is something a little gross about trying to be tall and elegant when you can feel the back of your shirt sticking to you in places.  UGH!  I know I wasn’t the only one impacted but I just get so self-conscious about it because I figure I don’t want to touch myself so why would my partner.  (OK, I know that didn’t come out quite the way I had hoped but I think you get the picture).  If I feel sweaty and gross and disgusting, it does take away from the magic that is ballroom.  At a Showcase, I kind of expect it even though I don’t like it but normally you have breaks between heats to cool down.  With double lessons, you don’t really get an opportunity to slow down.

The Quickstep and Argentine Tango are both fine but the reality is that I haven’t set a very high bar for myself.  I enjoy both but neither one was anything I had to do.  This sounds a little strange but I think they are getting more out of this than I am.  Let me ‘splain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.  With the “minor” dances, they really don’t like to have heats with just one couple and there is just one other person doing a Quickstep.  I know the studios talk so they needed someone to fill the floor and I’ve done Quickstep so it made me the natural target.  Suspect the same is true of Argentine Tango and since I liked the dances before, they figured I’d be an easy mark to do them again.

And I could have said no but I’ve already given you my reasoning so I won’t repeat it here.  The thing is that I don’t know what the future is for those dances.  I’m not yet emotionally invested in either so, while I certainly don’t want to be told that I suck, I’m not really all that worked up about the feedback I might get.  If I don’t get my frame quite right or they nail me for not lowering into the knees in the Tango, I’m just not going to get that upset about it.  It might be something that I continue to work on but that is a topic for a different day.

On the other hand, I can sense that these are important to Sunny.  And that makes sense because she’s going to be judged just as much as I am.  This will be her first Showcase and that’s always a stressful thing.  I’m picking up on a little bit of a need to prove herself by making these things go well and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We did get a chance to do the Quickstep with the whole floor to ourselves.  OwnerGuy and Z were on lessons and they took a break and OwnerGuy turned it over to us after first announcing a Quickstep heat just to put more pressure on us.  The thing that is actually the problem is that it moves too much on the short side of the floor so when I get ready to loop, I’m usually right at the edge of the floor against the wall of mirrors.  So I was trying to experiment with how much to rotate it and directions to see if I could fix it.  At times, it would end in a funny place and Sunny would remind me of how it was supposed to go but I decided not to mention that I was doing some of this on purpose to play with the alignments.  After all, when you do it for real, you never know when you’ll need to adjust.

When we did the Argentine Tango, OwnerGuy looks over and says to me “I think you’ve found your dance.”  Not really sure that I agree with him because it is still kind of “meh”.  I don’t think we’ve found the right hold yet to make the dance comfortable and to capture the look of a Tango.

But I’m still looking forward to doing both at Showcase.

Group class was uninteresting so I won’t talk about it.  Well I’ll just say that it was OwnerGuy and he was all about little technique things to improve the look of the dance.  Actually, that part was very interesting except it just highlighted to me what I miss out on and something his other students are getting.  Part of that cool kid stuff that won’t trickle down to me as I dance unnoticed in the corner with Kid T (sorry, just a little shot of self-pity)

Kid T wanted to do our routines.  But, like Tuesday, I told her I just couldn’t do anymore Quickstep.  I love that dance but the running is hard on the knees.  So we stuck with the other dances.  OwnerGuy had Tex and his wife so we both did a smooth round.  We continued with the rhythm dances as well.  It was kind of like speed dating.  Viennese Waltz for one song, then Waltz, then Fox Trot, then Tango, etc.  Actually got through all nine dances plus West Coast Swing and Peabody.  I should lighten up on myself about the sweating cause that’s a lot of work right there.

Today we do the routines.  Friday is the last practice and it will be more speed dancing.  I kind of like the last minute cramming as it reminds me of college.  I’m actually starting to feel a little good about how the dances are coming along.  Don’t worry, I’ve got enough angst to keep me from getting super optimistic and giddy.  But I’m really happy with the way they feel and move.  The Fox Trot pivot was great.  I hit the end of the Cha-Cha nicely. The part in the Mambo where we struggled is now perfect.    Little things like that.  In any case, I’m ready to do these for real.  Enough practice.  It’s almost game time!

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