Six Days in May

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Well last night was the second to the last formation practice.  For me, it is the last one because I have a private lesson tonight.  First, I must report that Griff is no longer with us.  He disappeared last week and, at first, it was stated that he was just missing Showcase.  Last night, it was confirmed that he is gone forever.  Such is the short life of a dance instructor at the Famous Franchise.

It was a little strange because we were in the middle of formation practice and one of the students mentioned that he was gone.  And then we started talking amongst ourselves to confirm that she meant he was gone for good and not just temporarily missing in action.  The weird thing was that Cosmo, Kid T and Sunny were in the formation with us during this conversation.  Clearly they were under instructions to not say anything but it was a special bit of awkwardness when the conversation was between the students and they weren’t free to say anything.

Not really sure what happened or who made the decision but the timing really sucks.  Showcase is Sunday and he had been a part of all the practices since we started.  His partner now gets OwnerGuy who hasn’t been part of this and was just learning the part last week.  Same thing happened at the last formation in the fall when M-Dawg checked out shortly before Showcase and OwnerGuy had to fill in.

There were some obvious jitters last night.  We are supposed to be wearing hats because the ladies are supposed to remove them from our heads at one point but that hats are still on order so we’ve never actually practiced with them.  Also, there are supposed to be tea cups but they haven’t arrived either.  The ladies who have to carry a hat and a tea cup at one point were a little worried since they’ve never been able to use real props.  At the end of the night, there was conversation about the table that is also supposed to be on stage and OwnerGuy was all “I’ll get a table, don’t worry about it” but he talked about it being small and there are supposed to be 12 of us around this table so that should be interesting.

I’ve also got a little mini-cold, drainage thing going on.  Just enough to have that slight scratchy throat.  Yeah, the timing couldn’t be better, am I right?  I’ve got some tea and extra vitamin C and some other things to try and make it go away.  If it would actually stop raining here and be more May like, that might help as well.

Its starting to sink in that I’m doing this on Sunday.  It started to sink in because I had to order a cheap little garment bag (love Amazon prime, you can buy anything and have it in a couple of days) when I looked at all the stuff I’m supposed to bring.  I’ve got three costumes – one for each solo plus my smooth outfit and my rhythm outfit and whatever I’m going to wear to the party that night.  That’s more stuff than I’ve taken on certain vacations and this is just for one day.

Well I’ve got two lessons today and tomorrow.  One each with Sunny and Kid T.  With Sunny, we just further nail down the Quickstep and Argentine Tango.  With Kid T, it is the final review of everything.  One more lesson on Thursday and the last lesson on Friday.   Then it is Sunday and Showtime!

I know this isn’t much of a post.  I wanted to say more but I’m worn out from my workout and the words are just not falling into place.  Maybe something more interesting will happen tonight that will make a new post easier.



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