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Yes, there was dancing last night so I shall discuss the Showcase prep party.  I did see the knee doctor yesterday and got my knee shot up with cortisone.  He knows I dance so he asked if I had a big show coming up and I mentioned this Showcase and he said the timing was good since I wouldn’t see the full effect for a couple of days but it already feels better.  The only bad thing is I’ve got a little facial flushing so I’m a little red.  This is a side effect of the stuff although I guess it is more common in women.  Geez, not even my side effects are manly.  Maybe my brain is a touch female (Sorry Marian, I just found your comment interesting and I now I use it for humor).  Could also be the cortisone talking so feel free to ignore most of this post.

Before the party, I had a lesson with Kid T and I wanted to do a run through of each routine to just lock it in (yeah, didn’t work so well but we’ll come back to that).  We also needed to finish up our rhythm, so the lesson was Cha-Cha, Swing, Mambo, Quickstep, West Coast Swing and Peabody.  Notice anything about this set?  The West Coast Swing is a little slow but the rest are fast and several of them move.  Holy cardio dance Batman.  (Told you the cortisone is doing weird things to my brain)

The good thing about dancing with Kid T is she is young and seems to have unlimited energy.  The bad thing about dancing with Kid T is that she is young and seems to have unlimited energy.  She does have to stop for water breaks because of the counting but we just go basically non stop for the entire lesson.  I thought I could handle that but I may seriously have to look into some more cardio stuff because I was tired after the lesson.

I will say that the three rhythm dances actually went pretty well.  This shocks me to say but the Mambo felt the best of all of them.  I know I’m doing Irish motion which is a little like Cuban motion which is to say nothing at all like Cuban motion.  I’m doing what I can with my extremely non-Latin hips.  But I’m happy to have stayed on time and the movements all felt smooth.  Well not smooth like a smooth dance since I was doing rhythm but they just flowed from one step to the next in a continuous motion.  That was the good thing.

As always, I felt like I wasn’t ready.  Ever have the feeling that everyone else is going to look great and you aren’t?  As much as I hate to say this, I was kind of happy to see others struggling a bit.  Does that make me a horrible person.  I want everyone to do well but it was nice to see that we are all close to being in the same place.

The three routines were OK.  I messed up the timing a bit at the start of the Quickstep but the polka part went pretty well.  Same thing on the West Coast.  We bobbled the beginning but sort of recovered.  The Peabody was the best of all.  I had my new Mad Hatter hat (which is extremely large) so it was a dress rehearsal for the hat to make sure it would stay on.  It did but it may mess up my hair at Showcase and you know how hard I have to work to get my hair to behave.

In all seriousness (if I’m truly capable of being serious today because that seems doubtful), I’m still struggling with the concept of have I made improvement and how would I know if I did.  I don’t mean to discount Kid T’s positive comments.  I hate it when I do that because she’s trying to be nice and boost my spirits but I still have my doubts.  There are parts of most dances that feel great and then there are parts when I get tired and something droops and it is like “meh”.  I guess it could be considered good news that I’m getting better at feeling when I’ve dropped my frame to try and fix it.

I don’t like the fact that we are just doing the closed routines because we didn’t have time to do the open.  OK, maybe I would have done the open but I didn’t feel ready so we’ve dropped that idea for now.  I watch the other competitive dancers and they are doing showier stuff that I’d like to be doing as well.  Then, I tell myself that you can be as showy as you want but if your technique isn’t good, it won’t translate to good marks.

I guess I also need to start pulling stuff together.  Time to get all the costumes in one place and the sunglasses so I don’t forget anything.  Probably also need to pull out the dance attire and try it on and make sure there are no ugly shocks.  It’d be too late to do anything about it now but at least I could bring alternate stuff.  This is a Showcase and not a comp so they don’t expect people to be wearing real dance stuff.  Still it helps with the illusion to be dressed in something you wouldn’t wear every day.

I had hoped the party would help kick start my excitement.  I know doing the solos helped because I got a little of the rush and then had to catch my breath after they were done.  Someday, I’ll figure out how to breathe when I’m doing them.  I suppose it may take getting on the floor to really kick things in.



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