The Gift

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Short note today just because I need to share one of those things that just makes me all mushy.  The emotions, they just don’t stop.

I mentioned work daughter #2 the other day and how she got an internship and I helped by providing a recommendation.  Well, today, one of my teams comes in with a package from the work daughter.  I guess she didn’t know my home address and didn’t want to send it to work because it might have gotten lost in the mail.  So she sent it to this person who brought it in to me.

There was a nice little note with the gift and, if I read between the lines, she gave me something that has meaning to her.  This was probably not just go to the store and grab something and it really touched me.  The person who was the conduit knows about work daughter #1 so she made some comment about how I’m attracting a growing number of young women as followers.  But she said that meant I was safe and not creepy which I’ll take as a good sign.

When I started taking the Myers-Briggs honestly based on how I act and not how I thought I should act and the INFP kept coming up, I first rejected it because the descriptions tended to be altruistic people who are out to save the world.  And that’s not really me.  I’m not a big crusader.  I’ve got causes I believe in and support but I’m unlikely to be the type to march for any reason.

But I’ve now had these two situations where I’ve ended up making a solid connection and maybe having an impact on the lives of these two people.  It wasn’t really my intent because I still have trouble thinking of myself as the type of person who should be offering life advice.  I’d link to Father Figure by George Michael but that song has some really creepy undertones and I’m not creepy so we won’t go there.

I’m looking at this post and I’m not sure it is making any sense.  Normally, I’m much better at putting words down but there are just too many emotions flooding through me right not that it is hard to describe how this felt.

There is my favorite quote about rescuing animals which says “Rescuing a dog (or cat) won’t change the world but it will change the world for that one dog (or cat).”  No, I’m not comparing either of them to stray animals.  I did say before that the years right after college can be rough.  You’ve succeeded in school but does that translate to success in work and life.  Thinking about your path and trying to find it can be difficult and is probably more so if you harbor any doubts about your ability.  The first job can be a disaster and maybe by not making it one, I helped them along the way.  In very simple terms, a boss can tear people down or build them up.  I choose to build them up.  It’s better.


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