Back in the Saddle Again

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Since I do seem to have some new people tuning in from time to time, I feel the need to share that I’ve found this blog serves as great therapy  for me.  Yesterday’s post was a perfect example.  I get all these things locked up inside me and I use this as a way of expressing thoughts and feelings that I would otherwise never do.  So I get a chance to work through things and it helps get my mind in a better place.  As a special bonus, you all get to ride along!!

I know it is a little weird that I am so private with things and then I dump here to the rest of the world.  It would probably be more effective if I was able to direct some of these things to people who might benefit from knowing, like OwnerGuy.  But, the spoken word is not my friend.  There is a giant filter between my thoughts and my words and it traps a lot of stuff.  Got that whole “don’t want to overshare because I’m not sure I can trust this person” thing which causes me to hesitate and try to downplay things.  Let’s just say an awful lot gets lost in translation.

But, back to last night’s lesson.  We finally got into Showcase prep mode.  Four dances – Peabody, Viennese Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango.  Wasn’t planning on doing any Peabody outside of the routine but OwnerGuy comes up to me yesterday to say that there were actually some Peabody heats and the studio on the other side of town was looking to see if anyone was interested.  (These events suffer from a chronic lack of organization and planning).  So we dusted off the little amalgamation we did at the last Showcase.  Most of it came back but there is still work needed to make it a little more automatic which is just me knowing the order of the various steps.

Then, we did the other smooth dances.  The original plan was to do all smooth but with Peabody in the mix, we had to drop Waltz.  I may have unintentionally kicked things along because after about 15-20 minutes of Peabody, I made a comment about needing to get to the other dances.  I started to get a little freaked out about spending an entire lesson on Peabody when we have so few remaining until Showcase.  To her credit, Kid T picked up on that and we moved on.  Good thing because the others all came back much quicker than I expected.

The downside was that there was another formation practice going on and Z and Tex were also in prep mode so we only had half the floor to work with and we had to work around Z and Tex.  Made for some interesting choices on rotation and we had a couple of close calls but no true collisions.  That’s probably good practice for Showcase anyway.  We’ll have more of the floor but there will be traffic.

So last night was a good night for dancing.

Want to tell you one last thing that I can thank dancing for.  I’m the classic introvert with space bubble issues.  I don’t like people getting too close and I’ve not been one for a lot of physical contact.  Yesterday was the last day for one person on my team.  She was a contract worker who decided to take her life in a different direction and go back to school and couldn’t work and go to school full time.  She pops in right before she’s ready to leave to tell me she was heading out.  Before it got too awkward, I walked over to give her a hug on the way out because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.  (She went through some tough times in the short time she was with us and she had to share some of that with me)  Yeah, in the distant past, I might have just glanced up at her and said “good luck” but I think the hug was a much better thing.  Maybe I’m actually getting used to that.

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