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A couple of feel good notes to end April.  Oh, and the title of this post refers to the Marky Mark song and not the Beach Boys.  Sorry, serious guilty pleasure.  I can neither confirm nor deny that I might have it playing as I write this.

If you are new here, you may not know about my work daughters and its a long story so we’ll just shorten it to say two young ladies who worked for me and I ended up unexpectedly being a mentor to.  Well, the second one contacted me about a month ago because she had an opportunity to do a summer research program and she wanted me to be a reference.  She’s currently working towards a Master’s Degree and this would present a great opportunity to get some additional business experience.  She contacted me Thursday to let me know she had been accepted.

She got this on her own talents and merit so I’m not going to overplay my part in this.  What I do feel is some real joy at seeing someone so young have some major success.  It is a reminder of the distant past when you were still trying to sort out this scary thing called the future and not being quite sure of yourself or your place in the scheme of things.  And to have helped in any way is just a nice feeling.  So I wrote back to congratulate her and again tell her how successful I know she is going to be.  It is funny that some people are just born with mountains of self confidence but no real talent or skills to back it up.  Others have plenty of ability and potential but don’t see it in themselves.  And sometimes, they just need someone to believe in the them.  Strange that would be the part I’ve played but life is funny at times.

The party on Friday was fun as always.  The knee held together for most of the night although I did cut out a little early when I felt it start to ache a bit.  I don’t want to push it too far.  I’m starting to realize that I may have to not let Hilde have every dance.  The instructor wanted to dance but the only chances she had were dances I don’t do.  I mean I could just do basics but it still gets a little intimidating for me to just be doing basic stuff when dancing with a more advanced partner.  As I was leaving, there was another lady who tried to get me to stay since I do normally dance with her at least once.  I had to promise a waltz next time.  We’ll see if Hilde wants to share 🙂

The funniest thing was that as I was leaving, there was a couple I hadn’t seen before and the guy starts talking with me.  They used to dance but got away from it and are now looking to get back to it and it sounded like they were shopping around so this was their first visit to this studio.  But he tells me how good Hilde and I looked and then asks if I’m an instructor?!?  Got to love the untrained eye.  Yes, I get the irony that I’m chewed up with my self-doubt and someone who sees me for the first time asks if I’m an instructor.  (Not sure irony is the right word but you might get me point).  I sense the discontinuity between what I think of myself and what others see.  The struggle is real and continuous.

Lastly, because I do obsess over my statistics, I’ve noticed a trend.  Remember that I am needy and always looking for validation. Plus I’m still curious about how many people actually do tune in to read about my life.  I’m sure I make it sound much more interesting than it really is.  Anyway, my views in March set a record and I just passed that for April.  There seem to be more of you lurking out there.  Which is cool.  I’m just here for your entertainment.  OK, I’m kidding about that part.  I have discovered that I just enjoy sitting here and stringing thoughts and words together and if you enjoy reading it then that makes me happy as well.


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  1. Wall – Re your knee issues: I find that curcumin, one of many compounds in the Indian spice, turmeric, works as well as naprosyn (Alleve) for joint pain. Curcumin is safer than naprosyn, which is an NSAID. With frequent use over time, it is harmful to the kidneys. The trick with curcumin is finding an easily absorbed preparation. I take PuraThrive, which uses a liposomal delivery mechanism said to make the curcumin more absorbable. You will likely need twice the recommended dose, and the stuff is expensive, but you may want to give it a try.

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