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Just a couple of random little notes.  No particular reason for posting except that the next two days are very busy with lessons and I didn’t want too much time to elapse between posts.

Yesterday, I had another session with TrainerGuy.  During the last set of reps in one of the exercises he always has me do, he gave me a heavier weight to work with.  Its a small thing but it is kind of exciting to me.  Its like I’ve passed some secret test that only he knows about and I’ve been allowed to advance to the next level.  And, it is a sign of progress and I always like to know that I’m moving in the right direction.

I think I present him with a challenge that he likes.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one at work who uses a personal trainer to help with ballroom dancing.  Lately, he has me doing something he calls the flamingo where I stand on one leg bend at the waist while extending my other leg straight behind me.  Then, I stand up while bringing the leg through and doing some kind of kick out to extend it in front of me.  Do that for several reps and repeat on the other side.  Its great for balance but it isn’t so great when the fitness center is crowded.  Nothing worse than having a bunch of guys lifting and hear him tell me that we are now going to do the flamingo.

The other thing I like are these pull down things where I’m not supposed to shrug up with my shoulders.  So I’m getting used to the feeling of pressing down on whatever needs to be pressed down to keep my shoulders in place.

Last night on our dance lesson, we were working on the West Coast Swing.  Kid T decided to finally get around to arm styling since there are a couple of places where we aren’t in frame and I need to do something to keep my arm occupied so it doesn’t look dead and droopy.  She gives me just the standard move of extending it outward with either palm up or palm down.  I do both and then she tells me that palm up works for me.  I was seriously curious about why that would be the case but was afraid to ask.  Maybe it makes the line look better.  Or maybe I have pretty palms (joke!).  It was another one of those awkward little moments when I come face to face with the fact that this is a very visual sport and that the goal is to make people look at you.  That one is still a little tough for me.

Yeah, so why did you pick something like this with such a strong visual part to it?  Don’t know.  I’m kind of a walking contradiction about things like that.  I wear things that call attention to myself and then freak out a little bit when people notice.  Fragrance is the perfect example.  I wear stuff cause I like what it smells like.  On Saturday, I was dropping off my dry cleaning and the young lady behind the counter tells me that I always smell so nice.  Naturally, my first thought was concern that I was wearing too much.  On the surface, I got out a “thank-you” but my mind was going like crazy trying to process this.

Same thing happens when I get compliments on the shirts I wear.  I hear someone say they like that color or that a color looks good on me and my mind starts wondering if I look silly in other colors.  The only good news is that I tend to gravitate towards the blue/green/purple family which seems to be what suits me.  But, yes, it is in my mind when I see a red or orange shirt that maybe that color doesn’t work for me.  Does that sound pathetic?  I kind of hope it sounds endearingly pathetic but I think it is really just pathetic by itself.  Yes, I like to stand out and express my individuality and then I get freaked out when people notice.

OK, I’m off to another double lesson.  First with Sunny to work on Argentine Tango and then whatever Kid T has in mind.  Hope we don’t have to do the hug position again.



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