Look for that Purple Banana

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Last night was the second Quickstep lesson.  It was complicated by the fact that group class was Two Step which tends to move around the floor as well.  If it were me, I would be working on Argentine Tango since it takes less room but I’m not the instructor so that isn’t my call.  Guess it is Quickstep Monday and Argentine Tango Wednesday until Showcase.

I don’t quite have the amalgamation down yet so we just reviewed the parts that were a little rusty and then just did it over and over and over again. There are times when I want to tell Sunny that this isn’t the first Quickstep I’ve done and that the steps OwnerGuy has come up with aren’t really new to me.  The only newness is the order in which they show up.  There is a backward locking step out of a spin turn which is the toughest part because you land after the turn and have to go right into it.  But all that requires is practice.

I don’t mind doing this and it is fun to dust off the Quickstep again but I’m not sure what I’m really learning.  Most of it is just the repetition so maybe it is just a way for me to practice more of the posture and frame which I need for all smooth dances.  But, it is difficult to see that Sunny is really teaching me anything other than just reminding me about posture and the like.

Because there was the group class and they were in our way a lot, I was cutting a lot of stuff short just to make sure we didn’t have any collisions.  At one point, Sunny says to me that she wants the dance to move more.  This I know because, as I said, I’ve done Quickstep before.  I kind of hate it when they say something obvious like that when I’m only trying to make sure we don’t have a crash in the middle of the floor.  Then again, she’s not a mind reader and I never fully communicated my plan so maybe she just thought I wasn’t moving as much as I could.

Well, I decided if she wants movement, then movement she shall have.  It made for a couple of interesting moments when we had to weave the Quickstep through the people doing the Two Step.  If nothing else, I got some nice practice at floor craft in a dance that moves.  At Showcase, there won’t be people doing two step in the middle of our Quickstep heats so that won’t be a problem.

Now, I had already done two and quarter miles earlier in the day since I still have that 100 mile challenge to complete.  I know that isn’t a lot for you serious runners but I had my 10000 steps in before I even set foot in the studio.  Then, do about 30-40 minutes of Quickstep because that’s really all we did was to loop it twice, stop, breathe and then repeat.  So I was a mess before we even started the formation practice.

And, with formation practice, Cosmo is something of a drill sergeant.  I was dancing with Sunny for the first time since one of our first practices so that made things a bit different as we tried to figure out the alignments and how to make it work.  The toughest part was right at the end.  There was a section where we are kind of in shadow position and then the man takes four steps and Cosmo described it as “coming around the lady”.  This is where my learning style becomes a problem.  I can follow steps but once you start getting into body positions and rotations, it is just really hard for me to see the rotation and even get a map in my head of how he got from point A to point B.  I’m watching him demo multiple times and it just isn’t clicking.  Finally, someone else says that we get about a quarter turn of rotation so it wasn’t really going around and that made sense so I was able to get to where I needed to.  After that, the guy is supposed to spin over to the next lady.  Again, trying to see the rotation was difficult.  But Cosmo kept going and we just kept repeating it moving from lady to lady.  I hate it when that happens because if I don’t get something, then just repeating it incorrectly over and over again is no help.  And I was tired and grumpy (needed a Snickers bar if you believe those commercials) but eventually figured out what I was supposed to do.

Oh, two other little bits of news.  The advantage of being there on Friday was that they had just put out the coaching schedule for the couple that will be judging Showcase.  I took the initiative to sign myself up for one at a time I normally have a lesson with Kid T.  Then, I mentioned this to her and she wanted me to sign up for one with the other judge but that was on a day when we don’t normally have a lesson but she just found a time so we made that work.  I’m glad I was there on Friday because it worked out for me.  Still think they need a better system for this though.

Lastly, they put a sign up sheet for the big city dance event in August.  And my name was on it.  Yeah, I’ll probably end up going but they really don’t get that the minute you tell me to do something, I start resisting.  I’m kind of that way.

Now, and this is really last, I felt the need to at least mention Prince because the sudden death of such a talented artist was really a shock.  I was on the treadmill yesterday and put all my Prince songs on the playlist.  I know I had heard this before, but a part of the lyrics to “Lets Go Crazy” jumped out at me.

I’ve copied them here just to make sure I get them right.

We’re all excited
But we don’t know why
Maybe it’s ’cause
We’re all gonna die

And when we do (When we do)
What’s it all for (What’s it all for)
You better live now
Before the grim reaper come knocking on your door

Yes, I’m sure some people might think it is silly to find meaning in pop music like this but I think you can find inspiration anywhere if you truly look.  We all have our own ways to “go crazy” and live now.  For me, it is continuing to chase this improbable ballroom thing just to see where it goes.  Guess that is my Purple Banana (read this rest of the lyrics to fully get that reference).

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