Party of One

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So have you all been on the edge of your seats wondering if I was able to be a solo act last night?

Well the short answer is that I did indeed manage to get to the group class without Hilde.  I did think about it right up until it was time to get into the car.  OK, I thought about it even as I was driving to the studio but, by then, I was mostly committed so it would have been hard to back out.

There were some new faces there and some others that were missing.  The class was good. I wrote down all the new stuff which I’ll have to try and show Hilde at some point. That could be loads of fun.

But, I did only stay for one dance at the party.  I danced a Rumba and actually did some things from the earlier group class and then a few Famous Franchise favorites.  It went pretty well although I wasn’t sure I was on the right timing.

To be fair to myself, I came down with a rather bad headache right before it was time to leave.  When you live in my part of the country at this time of year, you fight both temperature changes and allergies and they were both playing havoc with my sinuses.  So I wasn’t feeling all that great.

Then, I was sweating a bit more than I would have liked.  Yes, I’m super self-conscious about this.  It is one thing at a comp where sweat is just expected.  Or, when I’m dancing with someone I know well like Hilde.  We’ve sweated all over each other before (I know that sounds gross but you are in contact with the person and that just happens).  But, it gets a little trickier for me with ladies I don’t know well.  Now, I don’t want it to sound that bad because it wasn’t really that noticeable but I figured it was just going to get worse if I stuck around, so I left after the one song.  Baby steps.

Next week could get interesting.  I have my first lesson with Sunny.  If OwnerGuy is to be believed, he’ll be on our lesson Tuesday.  And we have a coach coming in on Wednesday.  All while I continue to prepare for a Showcase that I just don’t feel ready for.  Looks like another up and down week.

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