What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

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Two posts in one day.  Not planned but you know that means something interesting happened at the studio tonight.  I’ll get to it in a minute.

First, I have to say again how happy I am to have found fellow travelers in the ballroom village.  Things that get posted here sometimes echo exactly what I’m thinking or feeling and there are times when something just hits me the right way.

FT Diva’s post did that for me.  It was the pep talk she got from her coach (and she’s got a very good coach because this was an amazing thing to say) talking about how some people have a gift and have an undeniable need to share that gift with others.  And then she added that is why we push ourselves – to see how far we can take this gift.

I wouldn’t really describe my skill set as a “gift” but I do know that people respond positively to what I do.  And I have to take this as far as I can to see how far I can push this.  Where is the limit of what I can do?  My journey may take me from the Famous Franchise to another place but I owe it to myself to give it everything I can while I’m there.  It was kind of the kick I needed and, at least for one day, knocked me out of the funk I’ve been in.

Now, before we get to the fun and games at the studio, I want to formally introduce the new characters.  I’ve changed one name because B-Tech just didn’t seem to fit.  For reasons known only to me, I’m going to call her “Sunny”.  The new male instructor who is leading the formation will now be known as “Cosmo”.  And the third new instructor who I don’t have a lot of interaction with will now be called “Griff”.  (Why do I have a flashback to Animal House – your blog name is Sunny. Why Sunny?  Why Not!)

OK, moving on.  Our lesson was the West Coast Swing routine.  There is a big difference between this one and the Quickstep.  First of all, I think Kid T actually likes West Coast a lot more.  And it fits her a little better than the smooth dances.  We shook the rust off and had it almost back up to speed relatively quickly.  Even managed to fix something that I didn’t know was broken.  So the lesson was all good and the first really good one I’ve had this week.  (The coaching was good except for the fact that I was a sweaty mess and that always detracts from the effort)

Oh, and Kid T brought out her wish list for Showcase.  She wants to do 8 heats in each of the 9 dances plus the 3 solos and scattered West Coast, Peabody and Quickstep.  I reacted with mock shock about doing 8 Viennese Waltz heats (I think it will actually end up being only 5).  But I kind of agreed to everything.  Then she tells me that Sunny wants to do some heats with me which is interesting and we’ll come back to that since I feel like doing this in chronological order.

Group class starts and I notice the male/female ratio is bad and I actually tried to sit out but Kid T and Sunny dragged me into it.  Z also ended up in the group as well and you can guess where this is going.  We get to three rotations and we are stuck dancing together.  I suspect she could read the awkwardness in my face since her only comment was “I Know”.  Oh, I forgot to say that she said something to me while she was on her lesson with Tex.  Something about a ruler which she was using on his lesson which I guess must have been part of our lessons at one time but I’ve honestly blanked it.  We got through a couple of passes and then there was another lady who had arrived late and had just put her shoes on so Z lets her cut in and, as she was leaving says “he hates dancing with me anyway”.  This is where my mind doesn’t work quickly enough but then what do you say to a comment like that anyway.  I could have said something but I blanked and just let her walk away.  And so it goes.

Well, I’ve already given away the surprise because before party, Sunny comes over with a heat sheet and she wants to do Quickstep and Argentine Tango with me.  Then she starts going into the hard sell about how she thinks I’m a great dancer and how she knows I haven’t done Argentine Tango in some time but that I know it and how she wants to work with me.  Yeah, she’s hot for me (Sorry, that was childish but I have to play the stereotypical male every now and then)  No, I’m the only guy who only dances with one instructor and the Famous Franchise loves you to work with more than one person so she sees me as a potential meal ticket.  It is a business after all.  I know it is that cold and cynical and that she has spent a lot of time watching me so I’m sure that plays a part.

I am not at all convinced that these are going to go well.  Quickstep is a very advanced dance and I don’t know if she’s had a chance to work on it.  Argentine Tango would certainly be cool to get back into but it is a dance where there really has to be some chemistry between the partners.  I actually had that with the Body Double.  Not sure it will be there with Sunny.

So why do it given my reservations?  Well, I think what I need is a new opportunity.  Something different to shake things up and something that will give me a bit of a break from the coming drudgery of the next month as we prep for Showcase.  I’m a perfectionist but I can relax that with Sunny because, given that we are starting this a month before Showcase, I really don’t have any expectations.  Worst case scenario, we spend a couple of lessons and decide it won’t work.  Best case scenario, I get to do Argentine Tango again.  Think the potential reward outweighs the risk.  It means working with a new partner and that whole phase of establishing the relationship and figuring all that fun stuff out.  If nothing else, I figure there should be some good posts out of this.

Now, I must go.  Stay tuned because it is about to get good.




  1. Z was was talking to you again, Wall. You overheard her comment because she wanted you to. She wants to make up. I’m increasingly certain of that. Unfortunately, she’s too constricted to just walk up to you, apologize for her part in in the crap fest, and say, Let’s Fix This.

  2. “First, I have to say again how happy I am to have found fellow travelers in the ballroom village. Things that get posted here sometimes echo exactly what I’m thinking or feeling and there are times when something just hits me the right way.”

    Some (actually most) times it’s a struggle for me to take what’s going on in my head and get it down on paper. That’s why your pieces resonate so strongly with me—we’re often coming from the same place and you always manage to put words to the things I’m feeling. Thank you !!

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