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Some days (well maybe most days), life is just a series of random events.  Each one makes a mark.  Some are positive, some are negative and the net effect can have a power influence on how you feel.  Or maybe that only applies to me and you think I’m crazy.  Either way, I’m going with this to describe group class tonight.

Random Event #1:

Actually, this happened before I got to group class.  I stopped at my favorite franchise coffee place to get my caffeine fix.  I “know” most of the crew there and by “know” mean that I attempt my awkward version of small talk with them and they seem generally happy to see me.  Well, one of the employees was taking a break and talking with his girlfriend just to the side of the counter.  My hopeless romantic always kicks in because I see young couples in love and it always makes me smile.  He had to go back to work and I ended up in a conversation with her and another guy.  When I say “conversation” I mean I generally listened and reflected a few points because I do suck at small talk.  She wanted us to admire her black nail polish.  This is where I know I’ve evolved because it always makes me smile to see someone expressing individuality.  I’ve got ladies at work who freak out when they wear mismatched socks (why they don’t turn on a light to get dressed is beyond me), but who really cares if you’ve got a black and blue sock since they’re both dark.  So it makes me happy to see someone who seems unconcerned about what people might think.

Random Event #2:

I get to the studio and it is hopping with three lessons going on and people filtering in for group class.  I always take the tables at the far end of the dance floor because I don’t want to dance with my keys so I need a place to put my stuff.  A couple came in and were sitting in the couches in the front of the studio and they guy comes all the way across the floor to tell me that they missed me at Medal Ball on Saturday.  I asked him if he checked out and congratulated him on his success since I got the feeling that’s what he wanted.  There was another lady who said the same thing “we missed you on Saturday” and I also congratulated her on checking out.  Kid T said people would miss me and I guess she was right.  I want to know why!  What difference does it make if I show up or not?  Maybe, these people want someone to witness their success and offer support since that seems to be what I do at these events.  Is my opinion or are my words more valuable because of my long tenure at the studio?  If so, that seems a bit weird.  I had a legit reason for not going but part of my was also glad not to be going just to show OwnerGuy that I can’t be taken for granted.  Now, I wonder if I just need to go for the rest of the students.

Random Event #3:

A we go through the rotation, I get to Kid T and she makes a comment about whether I was wearing new pants.  Turns out I was since I just got a pair of black pants with some fancy patterns on the inside of the pockets which she also noticed.  I have to admit that it always freaks me out just a bit when someone makes a comment on my clothing.  WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?  Why would have cataloged my wardrobe to know when it is different.  The introvert in me would just like to fade into the background.  When I want to be noticed, it is a different story (more on that later) but when you out of the blue make a comment like that, it starts making me a little self-conscious.  Don’t notice me.  Just let me be in the background.  Notice the others.

Random Event #4:

B-Tech was also in the rotation and she gets to me and says something about me looking taller.  I had been practicing that and I told her I was doing that because Kid T wants to take advantage of the fact that I’m tall even though I don’t think I am.  But she said I was and that she felt so short dancing with me.  Well, then I just wanted to shrink down a bit so the difference wasn’t noticeable.  I guess it is a good thing that it was noticeable since I was trying to be taller.  But it also illustrated the problem because when I do stretch out, I can tower over some of the ladies and that seems rude in some way.

Random Event #5:

We were doing a back run in Fox Trot and OwnerGuy decided to get into the specifics of the footwork with heel leads and toes and how certain steps are up.  He made a comment about how when you are going backward as a guy and are on your toes, that you won’t be able to move as much.  I have no idea why I took this as a challenge and just turned around and ran across the floor on my toes.  Yes, I did that!  It naturally lead to calls of “Show Off” and the lady I was dancing with at the time yells out “That’s my partner”.  OK, I was just talking in random event #3 about not wanting to be noticed and then I run across the dance floor backwards and up in my toes which is guaranteed to get you noticed.  Why do I do these things?  Look at me when I want you to look at me, otherwise just don’t notice me.  I’m clearly and introvert but I must be some kind of weird introvert.  The whole thing about wanting the spotlight from time to time and then shying away from it at other times.  Yeah, I’m a walking (dancing) contradiction.

Honestly, I was probably feeling the vibe from the room.  The group class was packed and I’ve said before that a dance studio should be crowded.  It is just more fun with more people around.  Maybe I just got a charge out of that which lead me to act out.  I don’t know but I know I walked out of there feeling really happy and that’s a good thing.


  1. 1. Feeling small next to you is a complement.
    2. We all want attention when it’s something we think deserves it. I hate attention, but I have class clown moments where all I want is a laugh. You seem normal to me. Well, as normal as any of us crazies can be. 😝

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