Two to Tango

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Found on Pinterest (quote attributed to Dick Crum)

  1.  Beginning Dancer:  knows nothing.
  2. Intermediate Dancer:  knows everything; too good to dance with beginners.
  3. Hotshot Dancer:  too good to dance with anyone.
  4. Advanced Dancer:  dances everything, especially with beginners.

There is a lot of truth to this.  I know some people at the studio who got to silver and then got upset when less advanced students were included in the “advanced” group.  Not saying I’m perfect in any way since there are certainly ladies I don’t enjoy dancing but I thought this was an interesting quote and, based on my experience last night in group, it seemed appropriate.

With the new instructors, the group classes are larger but we students still pair off first so the instructors were dancing with each other.  I ended up being paired with the new student.  It was kind of intentional because the other unattached lady is someone I’m not that crazy about dancing with.

The dance was Tango and Kid T had put together a little amalgamation to get the Tango moving down the floor.  Near the end there was a step which I believe was called slow and quick swivels which calls for the lady to swivel while the guy just holds his frame and shifts weight to support the swivels.

After a couple of rotations and before we got to the swivels, she asked me how she was supposed to do her part.  I was non-committal because I’m a guy and I shouldn’t be telling her what her part is.  Turns out, several of the guys had tried to tell her after she asked and she got a lot of different information which is why you have to be careful about asking other students for help.

The first couple of times we did the swivels she was off balance and she had made some comment about how difficult it was for her.  I decided this was the appropriate time to offer some advice so I just told her to work more off me.  Think she was trying to do too much on her own and I’m standing there to provide support so use the support.  It is a common thing in swivels because a lot of ladies don’t use the guy enough.  Now, the guy has to be able to set a solid frame which is something a lot of guys don’t do so there are certainly reasons why ladies don’t use us as much as the could.

Can’t say that was the solution but the next time we did the pattern, she got seriously excited talking about how good it felt and then gave me an enthusiastic high five.  And it was almost like she transferred some energy to me through that high five.

I’ve read about INFP and empaths and I can’t say for sure whether I was channeling her emotion or pulling out a similar experience from my memory banks to mimic what I was guessing she was feeling.  In any case, it really charged me up.  Something clearly happened because I was just really fired up on the drive home.  I had trouble sleeping because thoughts were just randomly firing in my head.  I wanted to do a post but I figured two in one day would be too much so I let it go until today.  A day at work dealing with those problems has caused this feeling to go away.  It was like a quick charge that dissipated too fast to hold on to.  But it was there and it was real so I thought I’d try to describe it.

It comes back to the opening quote.  I feel sorry for those who don’t feel they can get anything out of dancing with a beginner.  They are missing out on so much.

Well, since I’m enjoying sharing the soundtrack of my life, here is the next installment.  Again, they popped up in my Pandora station and I was hooked the first time I heard this song.  The beginning hook just grabs you and won’t let go.  If you aren’t moving along, you may be dead.  Its a great swing song.  “The best of us can find happiness in misery.”

I have to admit I hadn’t seen the video before today. There some minor content warning.  I really don’t like the video that much.  Just a bunch of scenes of the guys being a-holes and the whole mask thing at the end is just stupid.  Then again, the song is somewhat angry and juvenile about a break up and the refrain about not caring what someone thinks as long as they are thinking about the singer sort of fits the theme of the video.  Immature guy gets dumped and writes a bitter song about it and the video is just a bunch of immature guys doing stupid guy things.  Kind of wish I hadn’t seen the video but the song is still pretty cool.


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