Early Spring

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Over the next week, we are supposed to have rain but temperatures into the 60’s so it feels like spring and that makes me happy.  Well, I have to be honest, I don’t really like it to jump so far above normal for this long early in the season.  Usually, that means the trees get confused and bud out right before winter comes back with one last blast that kills off all the flowers.  But, this has been a mild winter so maybe we’ll just have a early and long spring.  I can think of worse things that could happen.

This weekend was still cold with early AM temps in the upper 30’s which did not stop the dogs who, having been denied walks for two weeks while we were on vacation, were more than ready to head to the park.  I, of course, refused to wear my winter jacket.  Sorry, but once the calendar turns to March, I’m putting that away unless we are below freezing.  Silly but it just puts me in the right mind set to be wearing a lighter jacket.  OK, I had multiple layers on which was kind of a buzzkill.

The sun is up earlier so it was higher in the sky and actually providing a little warmth unlike January when it can shine and really not do much.  My friends the bluebirds were in the tops of the trees singing instead of foraging on the ground like they were back in January.  All over, there are signs that you can see if you just look.  The geese have paired up including one pair that accidentally landed in the parking lot of the grocery store we were at later in the morning.  Geese aren’t known for being bright but I don’t know how you mistake asphalt for water.

And the vultures are back.  I know, how does one get excited over such an ugly bird.  Somewhat ironic that a bird that feeds on dead animals can be a sign of spring which is the season of rebirth, but that is the case.  I consider them the advance scouts who come first while the weather still isn’t perfect to pave the way for the others that follow – the warblers, the orioles and, finally, the hummingbirds.

Speaking of advance scouts, I have crocuses up in my yard from the bulbs I planted last fall.  I always loved seeing crocuses growing up.  They are such tiny flowers and they look so fragile and yet they come out and thrive in the late winter when conditions are less than ideal and then fade away for the ones that follow like daffodils and tulips.  But it is the first sign on the road to spring.  After the other bulbs, we get the flowering trees and bushes like red bud and forsythia.  All leading up to one of the best times of the year for me when we get to go out to nurseries and pick out the annuals that will fill our flower beds for the summer providing the color that attracts the butterflies and a fore mentioned hummingbirds.

Lots of people call spring their favorite time of the year and I’m sorely tempted to agree.  The whole thought of the earth waking up and shaking winter off and coming back to life is very affirming.  But, I’ll still hold out for summer and the freedom and warmth it represents.  Still, spring is a close second.

Well, I’m off in a bit to try group class on my blistered foot.  It is better today so I figure I can handle a tango class.

In closing, I’m going to bring you another song in the soundtrack of my life.  I have Pandora to thank for this one since I went through a period where I was into other genres of music so I missed this one.  You are probably thinking that with all the happy spring talk that I’d pick an upbeat, peppy tune but that’s just not my style.  The title is Bring Me to Life which sort of fits but the song is a little dark which I kind of like.

Pandora describes this band thusly:  “Evanescence filled a niche few knew existed: the need for operatic goth pop, soul-baring introspection paired with churning metallic guitars.”

Well there’s nothing wrong with soul-baring introspection.  What gets me is the singer’s voice.  Wow!  There is just such power and emotion there is just reaches in a grabs me and won’t let go.  I love the little play between her voice and the parts from the guy who is nowhere close but the roughness of his voice seems to complement the soaring stuff she does.  “Save me from the nothing I’ve become”  Now, there’s some serious introspection for you.



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