The Fish Messed up My Feet

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OK, I know feet are probably not a great topic for a post but it is the only way I have to get into this.  Ballroom dancing is tough on the feet.  If you have any imperfections, they are going to show up and cause you problems.   The last two toes of my feet curve inward slightly and, in my dance shoes, this causes friction on the outside of my little toe which was created a rather painful corn that I need to get scraped off from time to time.  (Hope none of you are eating while reading this).  My foot doctor has suggested cutting into them to ease the issue but that would require being off them for some unspecified amount of time and I can’t deal with that so I just go back every couple of months to get it dealt with.

I remember an off-hand remark from OwnerGuy in the distant past where he told another student not to get a pedicure.  Have no idea why that would stick with me since that isn’t something I would ever do.  I remember Z checking the bottoms of my shoes once to look for the proper wear patterns.  If you are doing heel leads all the time, then that will be noticeable on the shoes.  And, since a lot of rhythm is forward poise on the balls of your feet, there should be wear there as well.  Don’t know if I passed but I certainly had developed callouses on the balls of my feet.

Then, as I mentioned, I did the weird thing of sticking my feet in a fish pond to let them feast on the dead skin.  I only did this because my wife was all for it.  The fish loved me but they took away the protection I had built up.  When we were doing our swing lesson, I was trying to get the toe/heel swivels right since we are apart when we are doing them and she tells me that I need to be split weight on the first part so one foot is flat and only the ball is down for the other.  To get the feel, I was emphasizing getting the ball of my foot to hit the floor.

On Friday, I was doing the treadmill and was noticing that it was hurting my left foot.  I knew I had some new callouses there so I just figured it was basic irritation and nothing more.  You ask why I wouldn’t stop if it was hurting since pain isn’t supposed to be a part of exercise.  Two reasons.  First, with the arthritis, I’ve got a pretty high threshold for pain so I just dealt with it.  Secondly, I was kind of raised with the suck it up and keep going attitude and I wasn’t going to stop my exercise just because of a little irritation in my foot.  No, push forward and meet your goal!  Don’t wimp out!  Yeah, I probably should have been smarter since I take my shoe off and my sock is bloody because I’ve popped a blister.  The only good thing is I had a second pair of socks in my bag that I could put on over it.

I’ve had it bandaged but its a little hard to deal with something on the sole of your foot.  It hasn’t broken open again but it does make walking difficult and you know that I have to take the dogs out on the weekends.  Think I was compensating for it just a bit since it was causing some discomfort elsewhere.  Lessons could be fun this week.

Now, if I was really smart, I would probably try to stay off it and let the new exposed skin harden up just a bit.  But, I’m not smart.  We are starting another fitness challenge at work tomorrow and I can’t let my team down.  Plus, I’m not going to cancel any lessons since we are really making progress on the open routines.  Suck it up!  That’s the plan.  And no more fish pedicures!

Lastly, since you had to wade through a post about my feet, here’s a random bonus track.  This may become a feature or I may get bored with it and decide not to do anymore.

I’m just going to pick random songs from my IPod.  I’d explain what I really like about this song but it is all about the feelings it evokes and that is hard to do.  I love the voice on the lead singer.  There’s kind of an angsty edge to it that I enjoy.  And some of the lyrics back that up.  “There’s an emptiness behind their eyes.  There’s dust in all their hearts.  They just want to steal us all.  And take us all apart.”  And, the line I really love “You can never win or lose if you don’t run the race”.  But then there’s this xylophone part that just tries to make the song sound upbeat in the midst of the guitars and bass and lyrics which create kind of a down mood.  OK, you may not get any of that from this but that’s all right, it is the feelings it evokes in me.

If you like and I’m inspired, I’ll do more.


  1. Strangely enough, when you wrote about your fish pedicure the first thing I thought about were your dance calluses and how you’d be having a hard time when you got home. And a ballroom dance blog isn’t complete without feet! My first post was about my feet. 🙂

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