The Key to Happiness

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Shorts and Flip-Flops.  What, you were expecting something more profound.  I am on vacation after all.  Seriously, I’ve decided that I could spend the rest of my life in shorts and flip flops and that would make me so happy.

Yesterday, I found a place at the end of our stretch of rooms that overlooked the ocean.  The sun was at an angle where it wasn’t hitting me so I could just sit there and feel the breeze on my face and listen to the waves crashing over the rocks.  Nothing more relaxing than waves crashing onto anything.  My mind started screaming at me to get off my perch and do something.  What I was going to do was never considered since my only options would have been to have grabbed a book.  But, no, I overruled my mind and just sat there enjoying everything until my seat got uncomfortable and I had to get up.  (I’m just not wired to stay in one place for very long)

The ocean is hypnotizing.  Part of that is because I grew up so far away from one that every time I see it, there is still a sense of wonder.  I don’t know if people ever lose that but I can’t see how that would happen.  On an island, the impact is magnified because we are but a tiny spot of land in a huge blue ocean.  Just staring out at it – water as far as the eyes can see – it just is hard to turn away.

I sort of ranted on American tourists but I’ve found the European tourists aren’t the best either.  For one thing, it seems like a substantial number of them smoke.  I give the US a lot of credit for moving to make it harder and harder for people to smoke in public places.  Yes, I have a dog in this hunt because I can’t stand cigarette smoke and it gives me headaches, so the less I have to deal with it, the better.  I don’t understand how you can sit on a beach looking at the magnificent ocean and feel that the day would be better by lighting up?  Well, I don’t want to get all judgy here since that’s not really my style and since I’m one who tends to like to get away from people and crowds, I can usually find a place to avoid the smoke.  Wish I didn’t have to but that’s life.

My weather app is still set to my home base and it just popped up that, back home, they are under a “winter weather advisory” for tomorrow night.  “Winter weather advisory” just gives them an excuse to pop up a warning.  In the old days, it just meant it was going to snow.  I know they have fancy, schmansy definitions between “winter weather advisory”, “winter storm watch” and, “winter storm warning (which means grab all the bread and milk off the shelves), but it all seems kind of silly.  It is winter still and we are having winter weather, is that really a shock?

Of course, here, it is sunny and in the upper 80’s and snow is the furthest thing from my mind.  A couple of days here and I’ve almost forgotten what cold feels like.  I’d like to gloat to my friends back home but I think I’ll avoid that because Karma is a you-know-what.  The good thing about late winter storms in my neck of the woods, is that they don’t tend to last.  We don’t get extended periods below freezing so the snow tends to stick around for a short period of time.  Just one last little smack in the face to those of us who are sick of it and waiting for spring.  In a way, I’m kind of happy that I’m missing something like that.  After all, who wants to travel all this way and have the weather be perfect back home?

Shorts and flip flops.  Sounds like heaven to me.


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