Moving to a Different Rhythm

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Vacation throws your whole equilibrium off.  We take a lot of stuff with us so it feels like home but all the stuff is in a different place.  The bathroom is laid out differently so your toothpaste is in a slightly different location.  There aren’t enough drawers so you find places to store clothing since there isn’t the laundry bags.  If you get hungry at night, you can’t go to the kitchen and grab something – all you have is whatever you’ve managed to get while out and about.  The bed is definitely different.  For me, there are no dogs and that changes the dynamic a lot.  None of these are bad things but it just reinforces that you are not in the comforts of home.

We are on an island with sunshine, warm trade winds and the ocean.  A far cry from my landlocked home in the center of the US.  There are the trappings of home in the form of fast food places, KFC, McDonalds and Burger King have established beachheads here as they attempt to take over the world and convert everyone to our unhealthy eating habits.  The grocery stores are a strange mix of familiar products and exciting new ones with some in a language I don’t speak.  I read the ingredients and try to guess certain words.  Some things beg to be tried and others can clearly be left on the shelves.

I have strange mixed emotions about using another country as our playground but there are certainly enough tourists here from the US and Europe that we are not alone.  I truly wonder what the locals really think.  The tourism brings money and jobs but it changes the character of the island.  No longer a sleepy little paradise.  I wonder how they really feel about the cruise ships that drop a small city of people inflating the general population by a noticeable amount.  I’m sure they get a kick out of seeing those who ignore the sun and get burned noticeably within hours of arrival.

Perhaps it is just how I was raised, but I do try to be respectful.  So, in a grocery store, when I hear a group of my fellow Americans yelling loudly to each other about alcohol, I silently cringe and wish I spoke a different language so I could just say “not me”.  That might also just be the introvert in me because I’m sure these people probably act the same way at home as they do here.

There is something different about hearing music hear.  It makes me want to dive in to the Rhythm dances.  Cha-Cha, Rumba and Mambo but even the ones I don’t do like Samba, Salsa and even the most boring of dances, the Merengue.  There is just something more natural about hearing those songs here that makes me want to move.  The studio feels artificial like you can duplicate the music but you can’t really duplicate the entire environment and that makes the music feel different.  It just move through you differently and you can’t help but respond to it.  It makes me miss dancing.

Vacation is about relaxation and there has been plenty of that.  We aren’t the type to sit by the beach all day though so we venture out to see some sights and to just walk around and experience everything.  Well at least that is what I do.  I know there are many who come to these places and park themselves on the beach to absorb sun and who don’t leave the resort they are staying at.  Not going to judge but I kind of feel those folks are missing something.  There is just something about getting out into a place to feel the vibe and enjoy the difference.

As I said, vacation upsets your equilibrium.  That means I don’t have the same patterns to my day and the ability to post may be limited.  It is hard to know if anything else will strike me as needing a post.  And, even if it does, I’m not sure I’d be able to find the opportunity to do one.  This place is different than my office at home and typing a post is different so you’ll understand if things are sparse.  Besides, I’m on vacation so aren’t I entitled to a little break??  Just kidding, this really isn’t work to me but it may be hard to find an opportunity to do more posts.  I promise to make it up to you when I’m back.



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