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OK, I’m in a prolific writing mood.  There is just so much going on and so much that I have to say.  Those who only check in periodically are going to have a lot of catching up to do.  Next week will likely be slower since Kid T is gone on a much deserved vacation until Thursday.  But, for now, I’ve got more good stuff to share.

I have to give more props to Kid T.  She’s the one holding OwnerGuy’s feet to the fire.  After waiting for him to do anything, she’s taken the initiative and just booked time with him to work on the open routines.  As a result, they had another new one for me to try at our lesson last night.  I thought we were going to continue working on the Rumba but, no, there was a swing routine to dive into.  Now, it isn’t complete but it is off to a good start.

I will say that these routines are different than what I was doing with Z.  With those, the choreography was more complex which makes some sense because she’s a more advanced dancer and could pull me through stuff if needed.  Kid T doesn’t have that level of experience, so OwnerGuy is focusing more on things she does well like spins and dips and the like.  And, the other difference is that there are more times when we are dancing apart rather than being in frame.  So I get to work more on performance and showing off rather than fancy footwork.  It also means I have to incorporate more arm styling and other moves both to match Kid T a little better and to better capture the spirit of the dance.  Its a challenge but it is in the direction I want to go so I’m actually glad the basic choreography isn’t particularly complicated since then I can focus more on the performance and styling aspects.

We started the lesson by reviewing the part OwnerGuy had put together.  And then Kid T tells me I have to get “sassy”.  She said that for the Rumba as well.  I don’t know that I’ve ever truly been described as “sassy” so this might be a bit of a stretch to pull off.  It does require letting go a little more than perhaps I’m used to.

The routine starts with us in a single hand hold.  I loop her arm around my head and then we split away.  There’s some steps that are kind of like flairs before we go into toe/heel swivels.  I’ve done that step but never by myself which was interesting.  At first I was keeping my arms down but she tells me I’ll need them for balance and, besides, she’s got her arms out so I ended up trying to match what she was doing.

There’s another couple of steps when we come together but then I free spin her away, pick her up, she does some swivels back to me, then I turn her, catch her under her arms and dip.  Well, I’m taking a step backwards and then bending at the waist and she’s going down a little farther.  Then I bring her up and out and we do some more swivels and that’s as far as we got.

The dip is new and I was afraid my knee couldn’t handle it but we did it multiple times with no problem.  We even got it up to speed with music, albeit a slow swing, and it still looked fine.  The more we did it, the more I found myself trying to match her arms while we were apart.  Well, match in a more manly way is what I meant.  I saw her smile more towards the end so I’m thinking she was happy with what she saw.  So this is the project.  Get me to take up more space and draw more attention to myself.  I realize that maybe this was easier during the solos because I was in costume so it wasn’t me doing all the crazy stuff, it was some guy in a costume.  It is just a matter of relaxing enough to let go and feel and just let it come out without worrying about what I look like.  Yeah, that made it sound easy when I know it isn’t.

Still, we have two new things to work on and, while the choreography isn’t that much of a challenge, they will still stretch me and help me grow and that part is definitely exciting.

We talked after the lesson as well.  She pulled out the handy calendar of events and we circled a few.  The comp in Chicago in August is on the list as is a potential return to Texas in September.  The Showcase in the other town is also on the list.  We even talked about what solos to do at the various showcases.  Going to do Peabody and the West Coast and Quickstep in May.  Then, we find something new to replace one of them for the fall but that is to be determined.   Not sure all of these will come together but I have things to work towards and I have a plan.  It is amazing how much of a difference that has made to me.  I was on the treadmill today and the 45 minutes just zoomed by because I was able to totally lose myself in the music.  (Well, zoomed is a bit of an exaggeration)

OwnerGuy stopped to chat after my lesson and before group class.  He was nosing around to see how things were going with me (he admitted to that).  Since we now have a plan and a start, I decided to just leave well enough alone and tell him all was good.

I didn’t stay for party since I’ve been fighting a cold for over a week and the lesson and group class were all I thought I could handle.  Besides, I’m dancing again with Hilde tonight.  But that, dear readers, is a topic for another post later.  Told you there was so much going on and so much to write about.

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