Dance Date #2

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So, you may be wondering how my second voyage outside the land of the Famous Franchise went.   Well, you may not be wondering but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Short answer is I had a great time.

The group class was again cha-cha but with a different instructor.  I believe this place runs a dance for multiple weeks.  The step we learned was a variation of a cross over but not one I’ve done before.  Group classes are run a little bit different at this place.  If you come with a partner, that is who you dance with.  Things get a little more disorganized so once the basic pattern is shown, you get multiple opportunities to try it on your own as the instructor walks around to make suggestions or corrections.

The party afterward is run a little differently as well.  Instead of calling out the particular dance, they just play a song and you dance whatever seems appropriate.  There was a faster waltz that we ended up doing Viennese to but nobody else was with us.  We both heard the Viennese beat so we just went with it.  There was no break for announcements of upcoming events like you get at the Famous Franchise and no silly line dances or other bits of entertainment.

Hilde tells me to lead her through silver steps so that’s what I tried to do as much as possible.  She’d ask me what her part was and I’d have to tell her that I just focus on my part and I couldn’t tell her what her part was.  I could speak in general terms but not with great details.  There were some funny moments but most things generally went OK after a couple of attempts.  Did get her to do a pivot in Fox Trot which was kind of fun.

We kind of stuck to ourselves but then that’s really just more me than her.  She’s been to a couple of classes there and she knows some of them from other venues so she could socialize a little.  It wasn’t a bad vibe like in an old western when an evil stranger comes to town but I was pretty clearly an outsider.  I did dance with another lady who I danced with the last time we were there.  Don’t think she had a partner and there was a shortage of men.  Near the end of our Fox Trot, she yells out to Hilde that I am great dancer and that she (Hilde) is lucky.  So there’s that.

Hilde still loves to anticipate so I ended up having to be a bit more aggressive with my leads but once I did that and gave her a rough overview of the step, we did a passable job with most of the silver steps.  It was a lot of fun but I was a freaking mess at the end of the night.  I was so warmed up that I ended up driving part of the way home with my window open and you know it is January and my part of the world isn’t exactly warm but it felt good.  This morning my shoulders were a little sore – combination of trying to hold the frame and having to use a little more force than I’d like in some parts.  But, all in all, it was a very good time.

The only potential downside is that there is a possibility that someone there could connect the dots and pierce my secret identity.  The thought doesn’t freak me out as much as it used to.  The downside to me is that I spill so much here and it is things I hardly ever say to people I know.  It sounds silly but it gives someone a big edge since they know an awful lot about me and I wouldn’t know similar things about them.  Oh well, that’s another bridge I’ll have to cross if it happens.

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