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I hate confrontations.   They are icky and I avoid them as much as possible.  I prefer to just go with the flow as much as possible.  And, I really couldn’t blame Kid T for the rut I was in because it would be hard for her to teach me new stuff without OwnerGuy working with her first.  So I knew he was the root of my problems.  But he’s in Hawaii, so I had to talk wit Kid T.  I told her on Monday after group that I was cancelling on Thursday and Friday and explained a little of why. She really didn’t push back as much as I expected which seemed a little strange. 

Today was my first lesson since Monday and she actually started by talking about it a bit and how OwnerGuy hadn’t given her the green light to work on the open routines.  So she said we could go back and do some Bronze stuff to help with social dancing. I was very noncommittal and just said we’d see where the lesson took us. That was my way of saying that I wasn’t all that interested in that path. 

We did cha-cha and ran through it a couple of times and things were feeling good, so she just pulled an audible and got the book out, turned to Rumba and linked together a couple of steps that aren’t in my closed routine.  One was a step one of the other students had mentioned to her as something I do well when dancing at parties.  The second one I knew as well but I played along like I couldn’t remember.  (I do that.  She heard what I said and was doing something new and I didn’t want to be an a-hole and say I already knew it).  I had to help her with the opening because she didn’t quite have it down so I just acted like I suddenly remembered the step.   She said this could be the start of the open routine even though she admitted OwnerGuy would probably change it.  But it was so great that she listened to what I said and tried to do something new. 

She said her goal for our next lesson was to get an open routine out of OwnerGuy so we could start to work on it.  Ball is clearly in his court right now so we shall see what happens.  

I appreciate the advice some of you offered. Yes, getting out and exploring other dance venues would likely be a good thing. You just need to understand that is a huge mountain you are asking me to climb. I may get there but it will take time for me to do that on my own.  For now, I was super encouraged by Kid T’s actions.   It is nice to have someone listen and respond. 

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