The New Instructor

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Wonder of wonders, there was a new instructor behind the desk when I arrived for group class yesterday!  At last a sign of progress at filling the void.  I’m trying not to judge to early although Hilde had no such problems.  Her comment to me during group was “that’s a no” indicating this isn’t a person she would have hired.  She’s a little blunt but I can see where she’s coming from.

Again, I don’t want to make a strong judgement based on a first impression since that can tend to stick with you and keep you from really seeing someone.  But, I have to say something, so here goes.

To me, this was a “safe” hire.  I don’t know how many applicants OwnerGuy talked to but she strikes me as a low-risk, low-reward type of hire.  I should have asked but, judging by how she performed in group class, I don’t think she’s got a strong background in dance.  She certainly will grow and develop but I’m not sure she’s got a high ceiling like some of the other instructors.  On the other hand, she seems like an easy going, low drama type of personality.  More like OwnerGuy than Z so I think he had the final call.  She doesn’t strike me as the hard charging go-getter that Z likely would have preferred.

She seems a bit introverted but that isn’t really a limitation.  The Statue was seriously introverted but still managed to thrive while she was here.  The downside to being an introverted instructor is the time it takes for us to bond with someone and loosen up.  Some people like the over the top bigger than life personality who makes it fun.  Some prefer the quieter type, so she’s probably not going to work with everyone but then again, who does.  It may be difficult for her to push and sell lessons which is certainly part of the business, but, again, we shall see.

Now, when I say introverted, I don’t mean that she was completely in a shell because that’s not the same thing.  She did introduce herself to me and we chatted a bit before group class.  The usual small talk about how long I’ve been dancing.  She’s just more low key about doing it.

I did notice during group class that she kept her distance so my arm wasn’t on her back.  I have my own personal space issues so I’m certainly not going to fault someone for that.  It strikes me as a potential issue for a dance instructor though.  This is a physical activity that requires contact but this is certainly something she can grow into.  Working with beginners (which is where she will start), it won’t be a big problem.

But this is why I’m avoiding giving her a name just yet.  I’m just not sure that she’s the best fit and that this is something she’s going to stick with.  I can always be wrong and if I am I will gladly call myself out at some future point.

Group class was interesting.  It was a rumba and my main partner was Hilde.  She still giggles at strange times.  We had a step where we rock away and then come back to face each other.  She claims she wants intensity but she ends up giggling whenever we end up face to face.  I’d look away but I’ve told you before that it seems rude to me to social dance and not look at your partner.  I didn’t think I was being too intense.  I certainly wasn’t trying to be funny.  Maybe she just giggles and I’ll just deal with it.

Lessons tonight, tomorrow and Thursday.  It turned colder here and we had some snow but the sun is out and that should give them the opportunity to get the roads clear.  I hate traffic and winter traffic with all the nervous people is just the worst.  Just a little more reason why I can’t wait for spring and summer.  They can’t be that far away, can they??


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