First Dance of 2016

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I feel like time has slowed down.  My last lesson was on Wednesday so there had only been six days between lessons but it felt like so much more time had passed.  I’m going to blame that on going back to work full time after being off for two weeks.  It really feels like it should be Friday but I’ve got two more days to get through this week.

Yesterday was also the first time TrainerGuy has had a shot at me since before Christmas.  He’s always experimenting so he came up with a few new things for me to do which meant I’m working new muscles so I was a little beaten up going into my lesson last night.  I’m really sore in places right now so tonight’s lesson could be especially fun.

Well last night started with a Cha Cha group class.  Even though OwnerGuy was free, they still lumped all of us into one group with Kid T teaching.  And she picked a pretty advanced step – it is one I do in my routine.  But, with enough rotation, those of us who were more advanced were able to get the less experienced students through so, in the end, everyone got through the step without getting frustrated so that’s a good thing.

Our lesson was Waltz and Peabody.  Waltz was more work on the frame and being tall and engaging my core to keep the frame.  I have done this enough that I can now really tell the difference when I relax and it goes away.  But it also means that I’m aware of how much freaking WORK it is to hold that pose for any length of time.  It is no wonder I would relax any chance I got and loose the frame because it is so much more comfortable to not have to be so tall.

The other thing we worked on was the starting position where I’m supposed to be a little twisted.  It is really like a wind up so that the first step can release with more energy and get more rotation.  It is something OwnerGuy mentioned but never pushed but Kid T was all over it last night.  But it is really just your shoulders and upper back which is what unwinds.  She had me do it alongside her in the mirror (yes, I actually had to look at myself in the mirror – the horror).  Of course, she’s young and flexible so she’s got this obvious wind up position and I’m nowhere near where she is.  Still, I managed to do a reasonable approximation and we did get more rotation.  Oh, and she also attached herself to me again.  So, I’m in some awkward twisted position and I’ve got a young lady attached to me right side.  Yes, it was still all kinds of awkward so that is just something I need to grow into.

The Peabody was mostly uneventful.  The hardest thing was actually remembering the order and a few of the steps.  We didn’t get all the way through it but the last couple of steps are things I know pretty well from the routine, so I’m not worried.

Speaking of awkward, Z was on a lesson with another student.  At one point, she stops to talk to Kid T about a couple of coaches coming to the studio in March and how she thinks I should work with the lady and not the man because he’s too exuberant for my introverted self.  It was very much like those comedy sketches where two people aren’t talking to each other so they have a conversation through a middle person.  “Tell her that I said this …”  “Oh yeah, well tell him that I said …”.  Except it was one sided because she was just talking with Kid T about me.  Kind of wanted to say “I’m right here.  I can hear you”, but I left it alone.

But, I give her some credit.  Kid T doesn’t know these people so at least Z is trying to find the one that is the best fit for me.  And, it is certainly true that the highly extroverted, high energy types can wear me down pretty quickly.  And the other positive is that at least I’m on the radar screen so I won’t get frozen out of the coaching lesson like I was for some of the earlier ones.

The only problem is I don’t know what the coaching lesson is for.  I still haven’t had that conversation with Kid T so I don’t know what we are working towards.  Just Showcase or some other event?  She did make a comment about doing other things when I mentioned all the events that were on the studio’s 2016 calendar but there’s been no follow up.  And, yes, this is something I need to be more active with so I’m going to have to just ask.  I’m at a point where I need something to work towards.  I guess part of me is avoiding pushing the issue because if I push for a commitment and don’t get it, then it would confirm that Kid T isn’t planning on staying through 2016.  But I’m getting to a point where I do need to know the next destination so I can better enjoy the journey.  That means I’ll need to force the issue.  I can certainly use the coaching lesson as the opening because to know what we need to work on, I need to understand where we are going.  If there is a comp in the future, then it directs what we need to do since the demands there would be much greater than they would be for Showcase.


  1. Sounds like Z may be extending an olive branch, Wall. Skillfully? Perhaps not. But, we don’t expect penguins to pole-vault, do we?

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