Show Time!

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I promise nothing seriously heavy today.  I wanted to close the loop on the Snowball and then Showstoppers.  The last two nights were a lot of dancing and very little sleep since I still had to get up early each day to go to work.

I think I mentioned that at the last Showcase, I got placed at the “kiddie table” with Kid T, Lady Gator and three new, young instructors from the other studio in town.  For total lack of creativity, lets call them A, K and M.  I quizzed them on their names when I was there and I’m normally terrible at names so I’ve been running through them in my head just to remember.

Well the dance floor was the approximate size of a postage stamp so you couldn’t really do anything big and flashy although that didn’t stop people from trying.  Have to admit that Hilde was one of the worst offenders.  I danced with her a couple of time and ended up taking her off the floor and on to the carpet just to give her space to do the big styling she wanted to do.  I think one person got knocked down and two others were spiked by heels so it was a dangerous night on the floor.

I ended up dancing with most of the ladies from our studio but also managed to dance with each of the female instructors from the other school which included my new friends A and M.  When dancing with M, I made of point of letting her know I remembered her name which she seemed to appreciate.  The other instructor I danced with was a little wild and out of control and I was afraid she was going to take some people out.  I give them all credit for enthusiasm.

As the youngest and newest male instructor, K got to wear the obligatory Santa suit for the first part of the night.  At one point, we were dancing near each other and he gives me some strange signal and we ended up switching partners because I figured out what he was up to.  He came up at the end to tell us all how much he had with us and them made me give him a turn.  Again, off the charts enthusiasm.  But it was a fun night even though it was hotter than you know what in the space we were in and I left a complete mess.

Last night was our Showstoppers.  I had a lesson with Kid T before and we did some final work on the Peabody and the formation.  Then, it was party time.  They let us dance for about 20 minutes and then ran through the first set of dances.  Unlike other shows, they had no schedule set up so they just started calling people at random and you had no warning.  I think my Peabody was the second one up.

I did get into it a bit more.  In our Wonderland them, she started sitting on the ground like she was asleep and I was behind one of the curtains.  The song starts and I come out, look at her, look back at the audience and give them the ‘Ssh’ sign and then creep over to pick her up.  Who said I couldn’t improvise?   It was fun and we got a good response.

Hilde and I did our Waltz in the second set of dances.  We started a little farther apart then I wanted.  OwnerGuy has been all about the “fill up the space, don’t reach for her until the last minute”, so I was fighting that.  But we actually did really well for just the five lessons and not having an opportunity to practice it that night.  The developpe (not sure if you spell it that way but I’m too lazy to look it up) was great and we got some nice applause on that.

I wish I could say the formation went well but Tex and I totally messed it up.  We didn’t start on time and then by the time I got to Hilde, she had started the Lindy Hop before I did.  We did get the Peabody OK but I wish we had done better.  Still, I’ll take two out of three.

Now, there is the inevitable let down after the high of performing.  It was a short five weeks to prep for these and there over in less than a minute.  Hilde asked if we were going to continue working on it after Showstoppers and I said “of course” so we are all set to continue although we’ll have to talk to OwnerGuy about what his vision is.  She didn’t seem to be too enthused about working on this one routine from now until May which I get.

But now we move away from the festival and the performing and back to work.  Kid T has a couple of dances planned but now is also the time that I figure out what the plan is for May.  I’m going to need to add some new material.  I know we have to work on technique but I need something else tangible to work on because doing nothing but technique can be too much of a grind.

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