The Architect or the Healer

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Welcome to what may become a new feature.  Or I may get bored after this one attempt and never do it again.  That is just my way.   There will likely be a big dance post at the end of the week but I’ve got nothing new there and feel the need to write.

You are probably still wondering why I’m so obsessed with personality types.  It is sort of like Neo in the Matrix taking the red pill and waking up realizing that everything in his life was a lie.  Well, it really isn’t that dramatic but it seemed like a good analogy.  I did have to look up which color pill it was because I don’t remember the fine details.

I first took the Myers-Briggs test in my freshman year at college.  Even then, I had the vague feeling that I never really fit in.  The perpetual square peg being pounded into various round holes.  The test came out INTP (referred to as the architect at one web site).  At the time, it seemed to fit so well and finally something explained who I was.  It also helped that it was one of the rarer types which might explain why I never felt like I fit in.

Over time, I had taken it other times and it always came back the same way and it cemented in me the impression that was who I was.  Then, I got promoted to be a manager and I started dancing at roughly the same time.  You get promoted because of technical skills but I believe you succeed in management because of people skills.  The achiever in me wanted to succeed and that meant connecting with the people who work for me.  Long process and painful at times but I now enjoy the interactions.

Somewhere along the way, I took the test again and took a serious look at some of the questions and it came back INFP (the Healer).  For too long, I’ve had the stereotype that the F in the Myers-Briggs world corresponds to being overly emotional and men aren’t supposed to be that way.  I think I fought that for a bit but, because it intrigued me, I took a closer look and there was more there than I first believed.

The problem is that it is too easy for me to game these quizzes.  Heck, I could come out as a strong extrovert if I wanted to because I know how to answer the questions in a way that would push me there.  So I found another website that puts out these cute little things about how each type reacts to certain things.  It may all be hooey but I also thought it was more data because some of these are concrete statements that I can say “yes I do that” or “no I don’t do that”.  And that might help sort things out.  To be honest, I think I’m probably more like an INXP but I’ve read other sites and forums that suggest that isn’t possible.

Anyway, you may like or hate this.  But, at the very least, you’ll get some interesting trivial facts about me.  Maybe that’s worth the price of reading??  Or you may already have tuned out by now bored by the opening.  (Got to learn to introduce the tease earlier)

If you’ve made it this far, the theme was “How each type reacts to Christmas”  (see it is even seasonally appropriate)


INFPs often love the little nostalgic aspects to Christmas time. They enjoy the things about Christmas that bring everyone together and represent giving and love. INFPs may become annoyed if they feel like Christmas is becoming too commercialized, but will be happy if they can focus on their loved ones. INFPs may enjoy the aesthetic parts of the holidays, like the Christmas lights and the decorations. The INFP may enjoy the quiet mornings before the holidays, when they can curl up with some coffee or cocoa, by a nice fire and enjoy the decorations. They will enjoy the more real and deep aspects of this time of year, loving the chance to show the people around them what they mean to them.

What is true?

  1. I love Christmas lights and decorations.  That is totally true.
  2. The whole quiet mornings is so me.  Once we were older but still having Christmas as a family at my parent’s house, I would get up early on Christmas morning just to plug the tree in and sit in the dark soaking it up.
  3. Well it is kind of vague but the last sentence is somewhat true but I can only do it through the gifts.  I love giving presents but I hate shopping for them because I have to look through store after store to find the thing that feels “just right”.  Having a list is easier but I find I don’t enjoy that as much.


INTPs may enjoy the nostalgic feeling of Christmas time, bringing them back to their childhood. INTPs often enjoy remembering the past and the things that they have enjoyed in life. The holidays also mean time away from work to relax and do whatever they want, which the INTP would enjoy. Possibly being able to play video games all day, or dive into some reading, is great for the INTP. They may enjoy the ambiance of Christmas, with the lights and decorations all set up. There is a relaxing aspect to the holidays that INTPs may actually enjoy. As long as they don’t get caught up in the forced feelings of giving gifts than the INTP will enjoy Christmas time.

What is true?  Well there’s a lot of overlap which I find is often the case.

  1.  I do enjoy the nostalgic part of Christmas although that was a statement in both.  We have no kids but my wife and I still watch the classic cartoons – Peanuts, Frosty and the Grinch because it does tie me back to childhood and the memories.
  2. I always take time off work and yes I certainly enjoy that and the freedom to do what I want but that doesn’t include playing video games all year.
  3. Already covered above but I do like the lights and decorations.

What isn’t true?

  1. I guess the only thing is the last statement because I never feel forced to give gifts.  I enjoy shopping for others (except when the mall is crowded – still an introvert) until I get frustrated because I can’t find the “right” gift.

Well this wasn’t much help.  There is too much overlap but the quiet morning thing is so me that I’d lean towards Healer rather than Architect.  But just barely.  And this is just one data point so no firm conclusions can be drawn.


    1. Oh sneaky dance related terms in the comment. Nicely done. I’ll take this as an endorsement for containing to do non dance posts if the spirit moves me.

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