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My parents came to town for Thanksgiving so I had to rearrange my schedule at the studio to move my lessons to this afternoon rather than this evening.  Fortunately, Hilde and OwnerGuy’s schedules aligned and we agreed to have our next Waltz lesson today at 1 PM.

Dancing with Hilde is going to be good for me in a lot of ways.  Most of the regulars at the studio are quiet and reserved like me so they aren’t as good at expressing themselves or putting emotion into the dance.  Hilde does not have that problem.  There is a large part of me that wants to just go all out but my filters are still in place so I’m hesitant.  But, if Hilde is doing that kind of stuff, it gives me cover to start exploring that side and moving to the music as I feel it.  I mean she did get me to be a flamingo so who knows where this is going to go.

I’ve also forgotten how good it is to work with OwnerGuy by himself.  His evil eye thing works really well because he makes us do the step and then swoops in to correct a certain part.  And it always gets better.  He’s pushing but that’s a good thing because he wants us to stand out and be noticed and that requires hitting the shapes and creating the lines and so we both have work to do.

I used the title ManDancing because that’s what the last coach talked about.  It just means me doing my dance while not waiting for my partner to catch up.  OwnerGuy picked up on this theme for  a couple of parts.  There is a spiral into a check and he was emphasizing that I need to just power past her and let her catch up.  I was tending to cut my steps short and sort of waiting for her.  That’s not ManDancing.  I need to do my stuff and my moving more really doesn’t leave her a lot of options so it actually makes it easier for her to follow.  Tough concept but this is also why it is good for me to get a man’s perspective which is something I’ve been lacking.

Another plus of dancing with Hilde is that she can compare how it feels with me to how it feels with OwnerGuy when he shows her a step.  That tells me what I need to work on.  We’ve got a step in the beginning where we are in shadow position and running around each other.  I did it once and then OwnerGuy did it and she said that he was much faster.  Which is because he had his head in the right place to create the counter balance and that lead to increased speed and momentum.  But it was something I was able to duplicate so the next time I did it with her she was a little shocked at the difference.

The other thing we are working on is filling up time since this is a slower dance.  He has us apart at the beginning and then looking at each other (to get the passionate longing Hilde wants).  Then we come together grab hands and start the routine.  But the coming together part is a whole count (1-2-3-4-5-6) so he talked about not getting there too fast and how we could exaggerate the movement of the trailing leg by dragging it through to fill up the music.  I don’t know whether it is just how he says things or whether I’m just in a more receptive place but everything he says is clicking.  It isn’t anything real big but it is making subtle changes in certain places that make big differences and the challenges is making sure we lock those in.  It is kind of funny because the two of us are just peppering him with questions which actually just shows that we both want this routine to be awesome and we both are going to work hard to make it happen.

One last little note.  At one point, he calls over to Kid T to say “his timing is really improved”.  Its a comment he’s made to me before and I have to agree with it.  But the funny part is that they tend to do this from time to time where they’ll talk about me like I’m not there.  Makes me want to say “hey, I’m right here and I can hear you”.

Next lesson was with Kid T and we kept focusing on keeping the core engaged.  (Yes, I was also trying to work on that with the Waltz).  But we worked on the beginning a little bit as well so we have the skeleton of an intro.  The biggest thing was she took the training wheels off and we did it without her counting the music.  Fortunately, the song has a pretty steady beat and Peabody seems to be danced to straight timing so it is pretty easy to get.  I’ll admit that I don’t always like the endless repetition and it can make the lesson drag but it does give me more time to work on the core and posture and frame and try to make those second nature.

So both routines are coming along nicely.  I think we’ll make a good impression at Showstoppers and I can’t wait to see where they are when we get to the next Showcase.

Have you ever had one of those periods when you hate being away from the studio??  I’m kind of there now.  I want to just go there every day and say “give me more”.  Again, can’t really explain why I’m in such a receptive place because technique hasn’t been something that is always exciting for me to work on.  Guess maybe I’m starting to see the potential for where we can go and that gets me a little geeked up and wanting to do more.  Best thing though is to probably turn off the analytical part of me that wants to know why and just go with it for as long as it lasts.


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