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Did I mention that Hilde brought up the idea of us doing a routine together?  Well, out of the blue, I get an IM from her today with a more formal request.  She says she enjoys dancing with me and really wants to do a routine with me at the next Showcase in May.  She thought Waltz and she wanted OwnerGuy to teach and proposed that we split the cost.  She’s obviously someone who plans very well since she has thought this out.  She did say she thought we could rock the dance floor.

I have to say that it is a bit of ego boost that someone likes my dancing so much that they are willing to spend extra money to dance a routine with me. I know that by splitting the cost, it will help her and allow her to do a routine without having to pay the full cost of doing one with OwnerGuy so I know there is a financial benefit to her as well.  Not sure where the Waltz came from except we did dance one at party last night.  Guess I must have really made an impression 🙂

Anyway, it is an intriguing offer on several levels.  All my other routines have been pro/am so you had the pro to help bail you out.  This would be just two amateurs so I think it would be more of a challenge.  Something about that appeals to me.

And, I do love performing so another chance to do that would be great.  I did three solos at the last Showcase and loved it and that’s what I wanted to do moving forward.  With all the upheaval at the studio, I’d have to do three routines with Kid T which seems like a bit much or pick up one with Lady Gator and I’ve got nothing against her but I really have no connection with her so I think working together with her would be awkward.  I know Hilde and we do dance pretty well together so I could keep the West Coast Swing, add the Peabody with Kid T and then pick up a Waltz with Hilde.  Sounds like a plan to me.

Also, working with OwnerGuy again would really help me advance.  Kid T is great at telling me when she feels the lead and she has done a lot to help with leading and timing but OwnerGuy has been doing this for a lot longer so I think he’d be able to give me a lot when it comes to frame and head position and styling.  And all that would help in my other dances.

She’s going to talk with OwnerGuy tonight but I’m definitely interested.  The cost thing would be the only factor to be worked out but I’m sure the Famous Franchise can deal with that.  Have to let you know how it turns out but I figure they’ll be more than happy to take our money.

Showcase is in two days.  Got my last two lessons tonight just to do the final prep.  I’m pleasantly surprised at how well everything is going.  There were a couple of spots where my brain just glitched and I forget something I know.  Happens when I get close to an event but Kid T was very supportive and we just stopped and went step by step until it clicked again.

My only problem is my knee is not cooperating.  I actually left the party early yesterday and skipped the formation practice because the pain i my knee was just too much.  I iced it last night and I’ve taken a heavy dose of various anti-inflammatory stuff.  Probably not the level one would want to take for a long period of time but all I really have to do is make it through Sunday.  This is just the reality of arthritis.  We had a cold front go through last night and I suspect that played a part.  (Yes, I can literally feel the weather in my bones)  I tried to get in to the ortho guy to get a cortisone shot but I waited too long and he didn’t have anything available until after Showcase.  Its a balancing act because I try to space them out as much as possible but sometimes the knee just takes a downhill turn rather quickly which is kind of what happened here although last night was the worst night in a long time.  I am hopeful that it was just the weather and I’ll just wrap it up and go out there.  At this point, it isn’t going to stop me.

Day after tomorrow is Showcase!  I’m getting pumped. I think it is going to be a lot of fun and I hope to have some good stories to share with you next week.

PS – The Waltz with Hilde is on like Donkey Kong!  OwnerGuy didn’t believe her at first but I show up and confirm and then he’s all excited because as he says “its out of my comfort zone”.  Hilde already has a day and time in mind and our first lesson is scheduled for Wednesday.  This is a lady who knows what she wants and goes for it.  Kid T was there as well and she’s super excited as well.  She said we look good dancing together (she must be getting that Eye of Sauron thing from OwnerGuy).  Guess having two students do a routine is a big thing because they are all super excited to see it happen.

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