Showcase Prep and Other Things

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So as I’ve started to realize how soon Showcase is, I am starting to get the little bit of excitement and passion back.  I didn’t think about this before but I do still have one last little bit left to officially close out the last chapter of my dance life.  Doing a Showcase with Kid T was great but this is now my home crowd.  All my peeps from the studio have seen me dancing with Kid T and some from the other studio got to see it at medal ball.  But, this is Showcase and it is different.  Most of these people just know me as Z’s student so this is again a chance to break out of that.

Have I mentioned before all that I need to bring:

  1. My dance pants
  2. My smooth vest (specially designed with velvet stripes to make me stand out more)
  3. My smooth shirt (a replacement for the one where I popped a button)
  4. A tie for the smooth dances that matches whatever dress Kid T is wearing.
  5. My rhythm shirt (white with no collar and it is a onesie like my smooth shirt)
  6. My rhythm vest (velvet!  I don’t have the abs to pull off wearing just the skin tight shirt so I wear a covering vest)
  7. Dance shoes
  8. My Egyptian costume for the Quickstep
  9. a Black turtleneck for the formation
  10. A random pair of black pants for the formation
  11. A loose fitting silk shirt with a floral pattern to wear for the West Coast Swing (Cheap sunglasses is about the morning after so I’m trying to fit the mood)
  12. Sunglasses!  We have a table of sunglasses set up and I casually toss 2-3 pairs away before picking one.  This is part of the opening to our routine.
  13. The safety vest we are wearing for formation (safety dance!)
  14. My studio jacket to wear between heats and to warm up in.
  15. Dress pants for the dinner and party afterward.
  16. A shirt for the dinner and party afterward.
  17. A tie with sea creatures which is my one concession to the Under the Sea theme of the dinner and party.
  18. A backpack to carry other assorted things (I will admit that I do have a little purse that I use to hold my wallet and keys and phone because there are no pockets in the dance pants)
  19. Water because there is never enough and sometimes those little glasses just don’t cut it.
  20. Towels because – sweat!  Sorry, it happens
  21. Snacks to keep me going – mostly carb based energy stuff but nothing heavy.

Part of doing this list is just to remind me of all I need to put together.  It seems a little silly but having different stuff for the different dance styles really helps get me in the mood.  And, if I’m going to do a routine, I’m going full out costume.  That’s just part of the fun and I’ve told you I’m a performer.

I haven’t talked about this before but I might as well bring it up.  I’ve never been entirely comfortable dressing and undressing in front of other people.  All the body image stuff is part but it is just how I’m wired.  Peeling off one of those shirts after dancing a bunch of heats always gives me a little anxiety but all the pros are just so used to this that it makes me feel a lot less self-conscious.

So two lessons tonight, one tomorrow and two on Friday.  Kind of like cramming for an exam.  The good thing is that I’m really not freaking out about anything.  The Quickstep is going to be rough.  I’ll just have to deal with that.  The Tango needs polish at the beginning but there is nothing I can’t do.  I may mess up a heat or two but that’s why you do as many as you can afford.

But it is getting closer and becoming more real and I’m starting to get that feeling again.  The one where I just want to suit up and get out that floor and cut loose.  I will be taking it slower after this event and I will have to sit with Kid T and OwnerGuy and see where we go from here.  For now, I’m just going to get the most of the last lessons and then get ready to have a good time on Sunday.


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