Out With the Old

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Had a little bit of interesting symbolism at my lesson on Friday night.  At the Famous Franchise, once you agree to pursue the Bronze program, they move your paperwork from a shoddy little file folder to a binder.  Your instructor will prepare the outside with various pictures of dance related things and your name goes on the outside.  Inside are the syllabus pages for all the dances you are doing and your instructor writes notes and space where you can write things about group classes.  When you go to events like Showcase, all your critiques eventually go in the binder.  They do have to clean things out from time to time but, as you can imagine, my binder was very full.

I get there on Friday and Kid T brings out my new, slimmer, binder.  She had said she was going to do this but she removed all the Showcase critiques except for the very last one we just did.  Felt a little like she was marking territory – I’m her student now so we remove the remnants of the past and just focus on the future.  To complete the symbolic purging, I took the older critiques home, saved a couple of the more interesting ones and pitched the rest.  For the foreseeable future, it is me and Kid T and now the binder reflects that future.

Oh, and the Quickstep is still in so, in two weeks, I will be Walking Like an Egyptian again.  OwnerGuy finally got to one of our lessons and he fixed a few things and tweaked a little bit more.  It is better but still needs work and time.  But it is to a point where I can get through it without it feeling completely awkward and I do love the Quickstep, so it is in.  I give OwnerGuy credit for this – he knows how to be calm, patient and supportive which are three important qualities needed to teach Ballroom to someone who gets mired in the frustration of a dance like I was.

England Dan and his wife are doing Showcase for the first time as a prelude to doing a Dance-o-Rama in Hawaii in January.  They got talked into the whole “dance vacation” thing but I think they are just now starting to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into because OwnerGuy was on their lesson right before he came to ours and he was being super calm and supportive.  So that must have carried over into our lesson.

Before the Quickstep, I had a solo with Kid T and we worked on the FoxTrot and our West Coast Swing routine.  Again, there were little tweaks and adjustments that were made to certain parts.  Ballroom dancing is that proverbial onion because you keep peeling back the layers and there is always something else that pops up that needs to be tweaked or worked on.  I haven’t started getting excited about this Showcase just yet.  It is in November and that is a whole month away (OK it is only two weeks but let me have my illusion).  I guess because we just did one and that has given me a lot of confidence.  I did have to order a new shirt to replace the one where the button popped off.  OK, I know that’s not the most cost effective method but I was getting tired of that shirt and maybe it was part of the whole “cast out the old”, but it showed up the other day so I’ve started some basic gathering of what I need to bring.  Have to dig out the Egyptian costume and make sure that comes with me as well.  I think the excitement will start to build as I realize how close it really is.

Oh, one other interesting development.  Before our lessons, we were doing a cha-cha group class and I got partnered with Hilde again.  We decided to add a little bit to the pattern since it flowed right into our formation so we did that during the demo after we got through the pattern.  As she’s walking off, she makes some comment about wanting to do a routine with me (some Rhythm dance).  I gave it the non-committal “that would be interesting”.  I have no idea if it will go anywhere because it would require extra lessons and time and there aren’t too many non-couple amateurs who do routines.  I think I’ve seen one.  It would be a way to get back to the three routines that I did at the last Showcase and any opportunity to perform is one I’d have to consider.  We’ll see where it goes.

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