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Can you handle one last post about Showcase?  Well it isn’t like you have a choice because I’m going to do it.  I guess you could decide to not read it but I’d never know.

I got the critiques today and will give you a brief overview of what was said in a minute.

First, the title refers to my goals for this Showcase:

  1.  Determine if Kid T and I are really a good partnership.
  2. Prove to myself that I wasn’t just being carried by Z (with her covering my mistakes)
  3. Have fun.

I might have had more but those were the top three and all were easily met.  I know it sounds funny but as the am part of pro/am and someone with a lot of self doubt, it was easy for me to believe that I really wasn’t doing anything and that without Z, all my flaws would be exposed.  Silly and irrational but that’s what fears can be at times.  The feedback proves that isn’t the case and helps me to gain some closure.

There are things we must work on.  The common theme was posture in the smooth dances which isn’t unexpected.  I’m still getting used to having a big frame with her and it doesn’t yet feel solid so I know I don’t hold it consistently so that has to be a conscious area of focus.  There are other things about developing more hip movement and using my supporting leg more (note – must tell TrainerGuy to work in some lower body stuff)

But there was a whole lot of good stuff as well.  The big positive was timing.  OK, it wasn’t perfect but there were more “good timing” comments than “watch timing” comments.  I take that as real progress.  Timing has always been difficult for me since I don’t have any musical training in my background.  So I’ve had to work to understand what sometimes feels like a secret language buried within the song.  I’m getting there.  There were times when Kid T had to get me back on track but that’s what the pro part is supposed to do.  The shocking thing is that “good timing” showed up in Mambo a couple of times.  Maybe I should stop being shocked at that and acknowledge that maybe I understand the timing of that better than I think I do.

There were two things that also jumped out.  In the swing, Kid T was teaching me to really swivel in a particular step and in one of the heats, the judges actually commented positively on that.  Again, I have to stop focusing on what I think I’m not.  Clearly, I’m capable of moving parts of my body that don’t normally move so I just have to be willing to try.  There was a part in our Tango routine that required some sharp movement and it was a struggle for me to get it because it wasn’t intuitive but, again, a judge noticed it in one of the heats and made a positive comment.  I got some nice comments about posture and forward poise in the rhythm dances and in the staccato footwork in Tango.

I’ve talked before about the journey or the destination and how I’m mostly about the journey but that I do have to see signs of progress from time to know that I’m on the right path.  That’s what this feedback did for me.  There was progress in many ways.  It was a topsy-turvy summer but at the end, it feels like I’m moving in the right direction.

And, please excuse me for a minute but I have to self promote a bit here.  I know that most of these routines were ones I’ve done for years but I only started working with Kid T in late August and that was after first adjusting to the Body Double.  Dancing a set routine with a different person feels different and it is a lot like learning it all over again.  I’m struggling to say this but I am, in fact, very proud that we did so well given that we have only worked together for about 7 weeks.  (The “don’t brag” alarms are going off in my head as I type this but I’m going to leave it in.)

We started in on the Peabody tonight.  It weird but I think it will be fun.  And we have a lot to work on based on the critiques.  But we got off to a great start and I am extremely optimistic about the future.


  1. ” I know it sounds funny but as the am part of pro/am and someone with a lot of self doubt, it was easy for me to believe that I really wasn’t doing anything and that without Z, all my flaws would be exposed.” Not funny at all! More like hell yeah, right there with you! So happy to read your self-promotion at the end. You did great, now you have to own it! Which is almost harder than doing great in the first place! And I’m so glad that things seem to be working with KidT. Here’s too many more successes to come!

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