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Sometimes life is interesting.  I got tossed several curve balls that could have seriously messed with my head. In the end, they were just speed bumps.  In the end, I had a fantastic time.  

Speed bump #1.  We went out to eat Saturday night and we get in the car to return home so I can leave and my tire sensor tells me I’ve got a flat tire.  We get home and I can hear air leaking out of the tire.  We think of several options but all will take time so I take my wife’s car and she agrees to call road service Sunday to get the spare on.  So I leave knowing I’ll have to deal with it when I get back.  

Speed bump #2.  I’m getting my smooth outfit on and the button on my sleeve pops off.  I don’t have a good back up option.  Fortunately, I’ve got a safety pin so it serves as an emergency cuff link and I’m off to the races. 

The schedule looks good as my solo is between the smooth and rhythm heats so I can do the smooth, change into my solo, do that and then change into my rhythm stuff.  Our first dance is Vienese Waltz – might as well jump right into the deep end. But we nail it and it sets the tone. There is part of the Tango that I still struggle with but everything else goes smoothly.  Kid T is great at keeping me on time and even OwnerGuy notices.  We finish the smooth heats and it feels like no time had passed.  

Speed Bump #3.   As I change into the shirt I’m wearing for the solo, I realize the zipper on my pants isn’t working right.  Another safety pin to the rescue!!  

For the solo, I’m wearing a tropical shirt typical of someone vacationing in warmer climes.  Kid T is going to be positioned away from me with a small table with several pairs of sunglasses.  I’m starting out sprawled out in a chair and, for the opening bars of music, I walk over to her, toss a few pairs and then pick one and we are off to the races.  In other words, there are props to set up.  We are getting set up and ready to go on when the DJ asks for one of us to come over. 

Speed bump #4.  Turns out OwnerGuy neglected to burn our song to a CD so the DJ has nothing.  Mad scramble ensues.  I’ve got it on my IPod but OwnerGuy shows up and he has it on his IPhone.  We get the song hooked up and scramble out to do the routine.  The DJ actually loves our opening position and says something to the crowd. The first part goes by faster than I expect but we hit the music and I get it slowed down and we do it without any flaws. 

The rhythm heats all go well.  A couple of issues with hearing the timing on some Mambos but the rest felt good.  At the end of the day, I had done 40 heats but felt ready to do more.  

At dinner, we were sitting with one of the judges and she told me I looked good out there.  Maybe I shouldn’t care what other people think but she’s a judge so it matters.  Again, my main goal was to prove to myself that I could do this with another partner and feedback like that helps. I actually got to dance a cha-cha with her which was only slightly intimidating.

Later, an instructor from another studio made her way over to grab me for a dance. (we were in the corner so it made it hard to get out and mix and mingle). After the pro show (which was great), they played one last song.  Normally, by the end of the day, I’m worn out but I still wanted to dance.  Kid T was starting to pack up but there was an unattended lady at the next table so I grabbed her for the last dance.  Yes, it is possible for me to ask someone.  She was wearing a flowing gown that was a bit too long because I stepped on it a few times but she said that had been happening so we just laughed and kept dancing.  

I was going to wait until after I got my critiques to post but I want to take time to celebrate the accomplishment and I do that by sharing.  Once I get the feedback, we’ll be back to work. But, for now, I’m just enjoying feeling great about yesterday. 


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