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Not much going on with dancing, so you get some random thoughts here.  My lessons are back loaded in the week which does two things. First, it sometimes makes it hard to keep up when you have to blog between lessons.  Secondly, it leaves gaps like this.  I could leave the blog dark but I’ve discovered that I enjoy putting these thoughts down.   Or at least when the words come out.  Sometimes, I’ve started a post multiple times only to abandon it because I couldn’t make it gel into something.

From time to time, I go out and explore other blogs.   If someone likes a post or follows, then it automatically means a visit from me.  I do sometimes wonder why certain people stumble over here and then what triggers a “like” or a “follow”.  Sometimes, I feel a sense of obligation to return the follow which is a little weird because it isn’t like I really know these people.  But then I wonder if they feel a sense of rejection if I don’t follow. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of that. In reality, I could end up spending all my time reading other blogs and I’ve got other things I want to do so I try to limit my follows    Although, there are some really interesting and kind of random blogs that have shown up here so I might expand my horizon I bit

But I look at some of these other blogs and they look so nice and part of me wants to upgrade.  But, the I realize that would take a lot of work and time and I’m just not that into it.  I learn by doing so I’d need time to just start messing around with things and I always get distracted by something else (like those silly Buzzfeed quizzes).   So you’re stuck with what I’ve got. 

Sometimes, I think about trying to get more followers because I see other blogs with lots of them and then I think “why not me?”  I write some pretty good stuff sometimes.  But the part of me that isn’t a joiner then decides that isn’t a big deal. Besides, if I wanted more, then would I be writing for followers and wouldn’t that defeat the purpose which was to write for me. So then I figure I’ll just keep dumping posts and see what happens

I have discovered that I do enjoy this. My writing experience was limited to technical reports so this gives me an opportunity to do some different things.  Like dancing, I didn’t know what to expect when I started but I must like it since I’m two plus years in and still going strong. 

And I’m sure you wonder why I spend so much time thinking about this but that’s just what I do. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got lessons the next three days so I’ll be back to writing about dancing and the upcoming dance trip.  Just felt the need to get something out there since it had been a couple of days   

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