Daring to Say No

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There is always a push come Showcase time to get us to sign up for as many heats as possible.  This is especially true in the less popular dances.  I’m not entirely sure why that is other than there may be someone who really wants to do a particular dance and if they can sign up a bunch of people to fill the floor, then it looks better.

Anyway, on Friday, the new instructor started giving me the hard sell about doing Bachata with her at Showcase.  I’m still thinking of a name for her but I think I’ll settle on Lady Gator for now.  This is my dilemma because I love dancing and I love being on the floor and I also have a hard time saying “no”.  OK, let’s just be honest, I’m kind of a push over when it comes to dancing since I don’t want to disappoint anyone.  I know it is a sales thing and they get money for each heat so the more I sign up for, the more money they get.  Still, I always feel bad about saying no.

And, as much as I didn’t expect to, I loved doing the Bachata with the Body Double at the last Showcase.  But Lady Gator is not the Body Double and I don’t have any connection with her yet.  Because I’m a pushover, I let her sign me up on Friday night and then she started in with the harder sell on Argentine Tango.  I guess Kid T is not yet a fan of that and they all know I was geared up to do a routine with the Body Double (and it would have been epic) so Lady Gator is trying to fill the gap.  And also trying to drum up business.

Again, I loved doing the Argentine Tango.  I had kind of a zen, trance-like experience one time doing it which has never been repeated but the closeness of the dance was actually starting to appeal to me.  The problem is that the Body Double and I were well matched in terms of height.  Lady Gator is significantly shorter.  I’ve seen couples with big differences before and it can work for some dances but I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work in Argentine Tango.

So I wavered and thought about it over the weekend because that’s what I do.  At the end, what it came down to is that I’m still trying to forge a relationship with Kid T and essentially having to relearn all the other dances (Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Bolero, Mambo, Swing, and West Coast Swing).  And she wants to throw Peabody in there as well.  And, there is the formation and my routines that have to be done.  That’s a significant amount of stuff to be dealing with and only having two months before Showcase (less than a month before the other Showcase if that pans out).  I’m going to be busy enough as it is and the thought of having to learn another instructor’s rhythm and teaching methods and trying to add two more dances to an already crowded plate just seemed like it would be enough to push myself over the edge.  I know I would have to take lessons with Lady Gator in addition to what I’m doing with Kid T and that would mean a significant amount of time in the studio and the stress associated with it.  I decided I didn’t need that.

So I came in yesterday and took myself off the board for Bachata and the Country Shuffle they had signed me up for.  And when Lady Gator asked about Argentine Tango, I told her NO and explained that I was also turning down the Bachata.  Still felt a little guilty but I think this is the best plan.  Once I get things with Kid T sorted out and functional, then I might branch out but, for now, the focus is on the main dances and really establishing a good working relationship and communication with Kid T.  That’s enough right now.  This year has already been somewhat stressful for me in the studio and I think I’m entitled to back away once in awhile.

Tonight we get OwnerGuy on our lesson for a progress check and also so he can fiddle with our Rumba and Tango.  I am curious to see how it goes.  I hope you are as well.  But, then again, even if you aren’t, I’m going to talk about it because this is my blog and what else am I going to do to fill up space.


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