I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

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Well, when I say “comes together”, it really means Z just signed me up for a whole bunch of heats with Kid T while we were on our lesson.  So we really didn’t talk very much about it and I do need to review the board and see what I’m signed up for since there might have to be a few alterations.  But we are starting to talk about Showcase which is good.

Last night’s lesson was the West Coast Swing routine.  And, since that was going so well, we decided to do a couple of West Coast heats.  Since we can’t do the entire routine, we chopped off the parts that aren’t really syllabus moves and then added a few basic steps and, presto-chango, I’ve got a West Coast combo to use for heats at Showcases.

The funniest part of the lesson happened when Kid T’s shoulder cracked.  I didn’t hear it and it wasn’t anything I did but she says “I’m getting old”.  I’ve got houseplants older than she is so I just broke up.  I was laughing pretty much through the entire next couple of times we did the routine.  If you want to compare cracking joints, just listen to my knee.  I couldn’t help myself, it was the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile.

(Just as an aside, there were two other people who made comments about body parts hurting.  We had a cool off and some rain so the wonderful Midwest weather change got to some people.  But its a reminder of how physically tough this little sport is.)

Remember how I described last week’s party and the bad vibes that came with it.  This week was just the opposite.  I ended up doing the Mambo and Swing with Kid T and I’m still counting the Mambo just to get used to the timing but we stayed on time for the entire dance!  We hadn’t done our Swing in awhile but that came off without a hitch.  Like I said yesterday, the rhythm dances seem to be coming together quicker.

But, in something of a surprise, I really enjoyed the Fox Trots I did with Hilde and the new instructor.  I suppose I could have tried to lead them through more complex things but I decided that I would just focus my energy on timing, frame and connection so I stuck with some basic stuff.  It worked beautifully.  To me, dance is at its best when it flows.  When the steps just come naturally and one leads seamlessly into the next so there is no start/stop jerkiness.  I think too many people get hung up on steps and steps they don’t know as well so the lead suffers and you don’t get a nice effortless feeling.  Well, there’s always effort but if you are truly moving as one, then it feels effortless even though you still end up sweating like crazy when its over.

Previously, I’ve really only had that kind of feeling when dancing with an instructor, but the Fox Trot with Hilde was just gliding over the floor.  We were talking and I was making sure we weren’t going to run into anyone but we were moving.  Did a couple of grapevines and took almost the entire long side of the floor.  And it all felt so natural and free and hard to describe with mere words.

The low light of the evening was when Z played a country two-step.  I was talking with a guy I’ll call England Dan for now.  And Z comes over to grab him for the two step even though he hates country music.  He turns her down but says that she should dance with me.  Not sure he’s aware of our breakup and I have done two-step in the past.  Z says “He doesn’t want to dance with me” and storms off to get another partner.  While it is certainly true because I didn’t want to, I strongly suspect the opposite was also true.  I guess there was no way to graciously get out of that once England Dan made his comment but I didn’t need the reminder.  I will say this is the one big downside of staying at the Famous Franchise.  It would be like going to work everyday and having to see your ex.  Well, that’s what I imagine it would be like since I really don’t know for sure.

Oh, and one last little note.  I signed up to do at least one Peabody heat at the next Showcase.  Seems that is Kid T’s favorite dance and I’ve done it in group class and it seemed interesting and I’m just a sucker for new stuff.  With the Body Double, it was Argentine Tango because she really liked that.  Guess with Kid T, it is the Peabody.  Still, there is something good about doing a dance the instructor is really into.  I suspect there will be a routine in the future.

No, not Mr Peabody, the dance is Peabody.


  1. Z sounds hurt, Wall. True, she may not be poster gal for emotional maturity, but I’ll bet your tiff and separation singed her, but good. I hope the day will come when you two can talk about what happened with and perhaps find some mutual understanding and forgiveness.

    1. To be honest, I don’t hold out much hope for that Marian. That type of conversation would have to be fully open and done without emotions and accusations. Our track record argues against that ever happening. But stranger things have happened.

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