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Wanted to do one last post for the week since we have the holiday and then I don’t have another lesson until Thursday.

Last night’s group class was taught by Z.  At one point, with the line up, she would have started dancing with me but Hilde saw that and slid over to be my partner.  Glad we had that little conversation.  I gave her the half nod in appreciation.  I did end up having to do a few reps with Z which were awkward but I got through.  No real sign of a thaw so I guess we continue to simply avoid each other as much as possible.

Strides were made in developing the working relationship with Kid T.  We did the Fox Trot and Cha-Cha and it was nice because we had to weave the Fox Trot in between the other couples on the floor.  We are looping these routines 3-4 times at a clip which is wearing me out.  She’s much younger so I’m just trying to keep up.  I knew the Body Double worked me but Kid T is really working me.  I had a session with my trainer yesterday as well which was upper body so, today, I’m sore in lots of places.

We worked harder on head placement in the Fox Trot.  I know I’m supposed to look away and I’m trying but, on a lesson, there is something that just makes me want to look at the instructor.  It is like if I’m looking away, then I’m not paying attention.  But I’m supposed to be looking away so its a battle.

The step we ended up focusing on was the pivot.  I could tell something wasn’t quite right and I could almost see her searching her mind for what to say.  She finally tries to explain where I’m suppose to rise to come out of the pivot but, I learn best by doing, so I just told her to yell “UP” at me when I was supposed to do it.  And that worked just fine.  I think she was a little shocked that I wanted her to yell at me but, in this case, I know it is coming from a good place and I was actually fine with it.  As I’ve said many times, it is not the criticism, it is the delivery that has always been the problem.  But we fixed that and I kept my head away and the pivot smoothed out.  It feels dramatically different with her and I don’t think we have as much power as I had with the Body Double or Z but it works as a baseline and can only get better.

Followed the same pattern with the cha-cha.  Ran through it multiple times.  When I found a step I wasn’t getting, we focused on that.  When she found something that didn’t feel right, we focused on that.  I’m starting to clue in to when there is something that isn’t right just by the look she gets on her face.  One thing that is really good about working with her is that she is actually much better with music and timing than Z was.  So, she figured out that she wasn’t getting out of a step quick enough and that meant I had to execute the turn quicker so we worked on that.

Then, we had one of those wonderful moments that can only happen in dance practice.  Most of the women instructors have longer hair.  The Body Double and the Statue had really long hair which they would try to tie up but, in a spin, the pony tail is just going to go flying.   I’ve been hit in the face many times.  It happens.  I figure it is the lady’s revenge for the accidental inappropriate touching that also happens from time to time.  Well, I had already been smacked once in the lesson and then Kid T did another turn and I ended up with a stray hair across my face which she had to stop and take it off my face (yes, some part of it may have crossed my lips since I was counting out loud while we were doing the step)  At that point, she says “well now we’re really getting to know each other better”.  If I was a neat freak, it might have been a little gross but its just stuff that happens on a lesson.

Two last bits of news.  We are officially signed up for the Showcase at the nearby Famous Franchise in October.  Right now, we are the only ones on the list so I’m not sure how OwnerGuy will deal with it if that remains the case.  I suspect someone else will sign up though.  Now that there is a name on the list, he can start twisting arms to get people to go.  This will be our coming out party and give us a chance to battle test everything before our Showcase in November.  Needless to say, we aren’t close to ready and Kid T even said something about having to really focus but I just want another chance to get on the floor so whatever happens is cool with me.  Well, I suppose if we tripped and fell during every dance, that would suck but the victory is just testing the new partnership for real.

Oh, and as I predicted, OwnerGuy stopped me right after the lesson to check in on why I left the party early last night.  I gave him the story about my foot.  No need to get into the rest of it.  Would have been kind of cool to just have said “go check my blog” but I ain’t that brave.

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