The Ice Pack Cometh

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Yesterday, going into my lesson, the knee was actually feeling good.  the cortisone shot about a month ago had taken hold and the inflammation was down and the pain was minimal.  As luck would have it, last night I had a lesson with Kid T and we added the next part of our West Coast Swing routine which is a dip.  While she is able to do most of the work herself, she does need me to be solid and to bend my knees to dip her rather than just standing straight and letting my arms drop her.  The arthritis doesn’t stop me from doing these things but it certainly lets me know when it is not happy with me for engaging in such silliness.  It was really screaming at me during my second lesson and still aches a bit today.  Since I’m sitting with ice on it, I might as well make use of the time and so you get another post.

On the plus side, the dip is pretty cool.  She’s a very small person and it takes almost no effort to support her so I’m not at all off balance which makes it feel better (and probably look better as well).  After the dip, we’ve got another weird step where she starts on my right side when I bring her up from the dip and then I move her to my left side and then come around her so she’s back on my right side again.  The problem with the step is that we remain in a frame so it ends up feeling like she’s too close and I don’t have room to get all the way around her.  We made it work but it needs polishing.  Well that is something for the coach to work on.  But, really, the routine has come together pretty quickly and we’ve got plenty of time to work making it more showy and interesting.  At one point, OwnerGuy took a break from his lesson with his competitive student to watch us go through it.

Then, I moved on to the Body Double and we worked on our Argentine Tango.  I guess it was Showcase routine night at the Famous Franchise.  We worked on more of the concepts that the coach gave us with me getting more angular and working on the footwork so it is more precise and working on how to control her better and get her to change weight when I want her to.

While we were on our lesson, Tex and Z were doing a Waltz.  I guess Tex asked for open routines since he’s big into the competition.  OwnerGuy had to show up and help them fix some spots in the choreography.  At one point, the Body Double says to me, “well he wanted open routines but I’m not sure he knew what he was getting himself into”.  Judging by his face, that appeared to be true.  Not sure the Statue really pushed him so he might not be fully ready for this.

But then the Body Double makes a statement about my open routines which have kind of faded into the background since Z and I parted ways.  She said something about Kid T working on them.  I guess OwnerGuy must have some top secret plan which he is not divulging which is fine since you aren’t guaranteed a particular instructor at the Famous Franchise.  It might even make sense since Kid T and M-Dawg are going to a comp real soon.  (I’d love to watch that)  So maybe she’s interested in competing as well and then it would be more natural for me to work with her on the more showier routines.  Who knows?  I’m sure at some point OwnerGuy will reveal his plans – probably when he wants more of my money.

Well tonight it is Cha-Cha and Swing.  Swing is the only routine I don’t think I’ve done with the Body Double yet so it will be interesting to see how that goes.  The knee is iced down and I’ve got a second shot of Tylenol and Aspirin so I’m good to go.  Time to go.


  1. Odd that you aren’t “guaranteed a particular instructor” (assume you mean for lessons) at that particular franchise. I’m guaranteed mine. If Tim is gonna be absent for some reason, I’m given the option of accepting someone else or canceling. I would not be OK with having just any ole teach thrust upon me at the rates FF charges. Comps are somewhat different. There is only so much
    Tim to go around, so I am usually asked to do a few heats with with one or two different teachers. I can refuse that, of course.

    1. I think that probably exists more for situations like when the Statue left. And I suspect OwnerGuy would ask if he wants Kid T to take over my open routines. Not sure what he’d do if I said NO, though.

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