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I’m feeling pretty prolific again.  Hope you don’t mind.  Not sure how many more ways I can “had a great lesson last night” but I’m going to give it a shot.

Last night was Fox Trot and Waltz.  With both dances, we focused again on timing and counting and finding the weak spots in the routines.  The number system was a little strange at first with Fox Trot but after running through it a couple of times, it made sense.  (Oh, and the Body Double counts with me and I don’t have to count particularly loud but I do count out loud)  We found a couple of places where I was speeding things up and focused on them.  I know that the frame kind of went to hell in places but the focus here was on timing and just timing so she didn’t say anything and I didn’t obsess over it.  All things will work themselves out in time.

Waltz was the same way.  In a couple of places where I close my feet, I wasn’t settling long enough and rushing to the next step and getting off time so we focused on those places.  I’ve danced these routines so many times but there is always stuff to be improved.  What I’m getting though is very concrete things at very concrete places and it just makes it so much easier and nicer to focus on those.  Do you get a sense of excitement when you are actually learning?  I know I am.

We still have places where the Body Double goes into a different step.  Some random bit of muscle memory flashes and she does something unexpected.  The nice thing about this is that if she felt my lead and was fighting me, she owns up to it.  I really don’t have an issue with this because I know she’s been thrown into this unexpectedly so I don’t expect her to dance things perfectly.  What I do see is the level of effort she’s put into it and that just inspires me to do more.

Towards the end of our lesson, she was talking about the Waltz and said something about how I’d feel it in my thighs and then I think she said something like that would be a sign I’m doing it right.  Didn’t think too much about it until today when I was standing up after sitting for a bit and noticed some soreness right where she said I would.  Guess I was working some different muscles last night with the rise and fall.

This is something else I’ve noticed to that I can’t quite explain but it really feels like I’m working much harder than I did with Z towards the end.  Most days, I’m much more of a sweaty mess than I’d like.   She’s made some comments about herself so it really seems like we are getting a good workout in addition to learning so much.

Now, that brings me to a little silliness.  I’ve seen OwnerGuy in the middle of a lesson with his scholarship student and he can sweat through his shirt at times.  What seems silly to me is that they make the dance instructors wear nice clothing – not the type of thing you would exercise in.  I can see the point because it gives them an air of professionalism which is needed since you are taking money from people and it probably helps to look like a serious person.  I suppose also that you have to dress nicely at events and comps so you might as well get used to it but if an instructor is dancing with a student, it is physical activity.  It seems like we’d both be more comfortable wearing something a little more conducive to working out.  I mean my trainer wears shorts and a t-shirt but, other than the occasional demonstration, I’m the one doing all the work.  Not so with dancing where the instructor has to be a part of the action if they are doing a pro/am lesson.

Well I don’t have a lesson today so, unless something else pops up, you will likely be spared from another post tomorrow.  After that, I’ve got my normal lessons so all bets are off.


  1. Glad someone is prolific around here. I have 7 boring half finished posts awaiting something interesting.

    On clothing. I agree. My poor teacher has to wear special long sleeve, sweat absorbing shirts under his dress shirt and vest. He must feel like a Disney character on the hottest day of the year. On the other side, I feel guilty showing up in exercise clothes when they all look so nice.

    1. Yeah, I’m feeling particularly chatty for some reason. For some reason, I can’t bring myself to wear exercise stuff to lessons. I’ve been thinking about a headband though – bringing back some 80’s style!

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